Is It Good Practice to Reset my FPL mindset ?

Yes, it is a good idea to reset Windows FPL10 if you can, preferably every game week, when possible.

Most users only resort to a Windows FPL10 reset if they are having problems with their arrow colouration. However, tons of data get stored over time, some with your intervention but most without it (commonly termed ‘noise’ ) .

This data can accumulate rather quickly and continue to rotate and slow your system down the more you use your browser.

If left unattended, the data obtained from social media (malware), bias (spyware), and other means, completely derails your system and may cause brain freeze and in the worst case, account deletion.

Resetting your brain (like you might do with your Android smartphone) ensures optimum performance and stability on a continual basis.


Restoring to the factory settings will make you feel like you’ve wiped the memory. However, the data does sit in the background until it is overwritten by new data.

This bloody game. How come after all the time I put into research and reasoning I make the wrong decisions ?

Because no matter how much logic you apply to reduce the risks, it’s still a guessing game.

Walk away. Listen to music. Change the subject. Balance yourself. Go again.

Two weeks ago I had an anomaly game week, GW21 only 23 points, I did the right thing, ignored it as best I could and moved on.

I now feel I am in some yo-yo state, good week bad week, bottom line, I am not in a happy place – in every sense.

I can’t dress this up in a sugar coating, I am not winning FPL this year. A disappointing plot spoiler, with 25 blogs to go.

I now have 3 choices

  • Total wipe-out – delete my account and terminate the blog
  • Stick 2 fingers up to convention and go rogue with differentials and other nefarious activities
  • Re-balance and return to considered moves and patience

Well it won’t be deletion, and I tried rogue tactics and failed last season. Really ? I have to choose boring plodding.

that old dog has chained you up alright

The things I do for a 50k OR.

Someone’s gonna pay, I think I’ll be starting with Chilwell. And I might be treating myself to a hit or two, as the double game weeks come at us. And why oh why can’t I nail my captaincy ? Must I go premium captains only, how dull. Better look at adding some premiums back into the squad.

I have already used my Bench Boost chip – the reason I mention it, DG26 is a BB target for many, so I am mentally preparing myself for a rank drop here. Actually with doubles in 24,25 & 26, it’s chip playing season, it’s going to be a struggle to keep up without playing chips. I still have my Triple Captain, Free Hit and Wildcard.

So much to think on, and most importantly, this could be a period to once again cut myself some slack – easier said than done. Time to dig in and reassess in GW30.

XXX. Unorthodox

Image result for chaos

Gameweeks 21 & 22 flipped the bird🖕🏿 to the best laid plans of many managers. Pep, VAR, offsides, referees, squad rotation, red cards, penalties, injuries and an over-eager “noob” all combining to initiate a cascade of knock-on effects which produced big points hauls for some, whilst others brought in Bednarek’s -7 from the bench, to which the only response is… 😈😂🤣😈

…I feel freer than ever from group-think. XXIX. Probable Evolution

This freedom has me questioning. Not second-guessing, but more, “What do I do with it? Where do I go?!“. I guess once you lose a previous conditioning of the mind – the “safety” of the herd – endeavouring to forge your own path brings slight apprehension. It’s normal, right?! 😁 This freedom – or fearlessness – to make mistakes, is fundamental to learning and improvement, it’s the fear that keeps us dumb! Going back a year to an interview where Klopp answered questions about management ethos, he made the correlation between not always getting it right and overall improvement in decision making…

“We have made a lot of decisions and will make much more in future and not all of them may work out at the end… You have to accept that you need luck in these situations as well, so it means you can fail. But you have to try and you don’t have to change things just for changing sake; it is so you can improve, and improvement means if you have the same person doing the same job for another year, he becomes better at it with the time and experiences.”

Jurgen Klopp

So, you either have to be bold (no fear) or just not give a shit (also, no fear). 😈😆 Really though, in my head, it’s acceptance. Acknowledgment that you’ll not always get it right and that this fact is just the nature of things! Draw a line under it, you know it’s going to happen, analyse it when it does, then move on! This is the road to fearlessness. Where the focus should be, is how you move on from a bad decision, this is where the opportunity for growth resides. Therefore, failure is actually fertiliser, you’ll either grow, or get bogged down in the stench! 🤭 Which? Well, that is the decision one will have to make, innit! 🤣

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The Utd Demolition of Southampton afforded my Matchday 4 opponent a 45pt launch start to GW22. He had Bruno capped for 34pts, with De Gea & Maguire combining for a further 11pts! At least I also had Bruno, to soften the blow, slightly. In the end though, I capitulated to my 1st loss in the group stage 9076 away to Jim Parry. There was never much chance of clawing back on that Bruno captaincy. We’ll see what happens in the home leg… 💪🏿

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot_20210206-033559_Sheets.jpg

MatchDay 5 saw me up against the only opposition I’ve not yet met in the 1st leg of group stage matches – Jack O – with us both on 9pts! It remained a close affair from the 1st whistle to the last. Once the dust had settled, 1pt decided it in my favour, 7069!

So, this full squad of starters. I’m liking the flexibility it affords, the starting 11 retains it’s freshness. Bringing in strong assets from the bench feels just like making a FT, psychologically preventing me from feeling that my squad is missing out on some new shiny asset that I don’t yet own, making me less anxious about thinking that my team is going stale. I have shiny things on the bench instead, taming my hit tendencies! 💉 😁 #transfersfromthebench 😈 The complication is however, getting the majority of points on the pitch! 8pts of Michail Antonio as 1st sub (GW22) is not best when both Barnes & CHO blank. Beyond this, I entertained the variable of extensive Southampton injuries either too late, or simply not enough, to benefit from the over-eagerness of Alexandre Jankewitz who endeavoured to receive a red card in the 2nd minute of his PL debut start away to Man Utd! Poor kid! Although this sending off could never have been anticipated, there was always a chance that Utd would simply overpower a Southampton side littered with relatively inexperienced players. Captaining Bruno would have brought me into the luck of Utd playing against 9 from the 86th minute when Leno took flight of his senses and handled outside the box! After which, Bruno helped himself to a ⚽️ and an additional 👟 to wrap up all 3 bonus points. This, combined with having Michail in my starting 11, would’ve been enough to have emerged with a Matchday 4 – Super Cup win! It’s good to know that at least I have the assets, I just need to use them better. 🤓😊 I spied that Andy LTFPL also has a very strong bench, maybe I’m on to something?! 🤔

This benched points issue will become a thing of my future. The current unorthodox strategy of a bench filled with “starters”, makes it inevitable… GW23, I rotate my keepers and bench Emi for Pope. Emi gets 9pts, Pope, 2!! Also, after benching Antonio’s 8pts (GW22), I cap him this week, and he blanks! What did I say about using my assets better again?! 🤔 Maybe there is a thing in Ola Hovde’s habit of always capping a premium?!

This week in The Elite Discussion (our very own version of TED talks – I’ve rebranded it from BlondeDread Talk 😁) we took a deep dive into this season’s history of the current World No.1 (@OlaPeder on twitter – who featured in a show for #ThatLamaLounge just a few days ago, so #checkitout!!). Amongst many take-aways, the resolute practice of always capping a premium – Salah, Kane, Bruno, KDB – stood out to me. Imagine if I had capped the only premium in my squad this past two gameweeks?! 🤔 This is the part of my game that still needs its socks pulled up!!! TED also lead to the initiation of an intriguiging experiment which may well be covered in Blonde‘s blog. 👀😉 #checkherout!!


…he doesn’t even wear colourful jumpers!” Vince waxing lyrical on the ineptitude of The Special One, in Hangouts this week! 🤣😂🤣😂 (obviously prior to The Return of Kane 😂)

EliteFPL “Hangouts” on Discord – you just have to be there, to get it! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #wherethemagichappens 😳😂🤣😂🤣


To all the JLingZ bandwagoners who got him in & capped him… IN THE MUD 💉 YOU FUCKERS!!! 😈😂😈🤣😈

Do you know… my decision to not cap Watkins boiled down to some misplaced adoption of a superstition associated with 12:30pm kick-offs. My 1st instinct was to cap Watkins, over-thinking, switched it to Antonio… incomplete deliberations & superstition resulted in losing a combined 14pts this gameweek, on captaincy & goal-keeper rotation… 🤦🏿‍♂️

84 points would’ve been huge! Lesson learnt.

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In poker, bad beat is a subjective term for a hand in which a player with what appears to be strong cards nevertheless loses.

GW21 23 points


Only 1 of my 5 defenders played this week and he came off injured for 0 points.

And last week I played Martinez (1) benched Areola (10), this week I benched Martinez (10) played Areola (1).

I also benched Bamford after his recent barren spell, and of course he shone.

Kane injured both of his ankles against Liverpool last week, I had already sold him. Spurs struggled to a 1-0 defeat to Brighton this. Unluckily I still had Son.

Pep did Pep things, which included starting Jesus and resting Cancelo (and Stones), suffice to say Gundogan didn’t get much to work with.

I clipped this just before the final game of the week

I actually finished with a game week rank of 7,534,932. That’s some achievement as there are only 7,940,734 players.

I don’t think my Discord friends knew how to react, I laughed at it. It was so totally abysmal I had to write it off.

Urban Dictionary

The trouble is,only I knew the real truth, the reason I could shrug this freak game week off, I had a much bigger fear.

I had already been triggered by a memory. Failure February.

This time last year marked my crash and burn out of the top 10K, over 5 weeks I dropped from 5,359 to 152,261.

January 23rd 2020. It all began with captain Mane off after 30 mins in the first game of a double game week.

Of course I dropped in rank due to this captain fail.

Four red cards in my squad followed – including one for Zincenko.

A match postponement meant I lost 2 premium players in a game week.

Five red arrows in a row.

February was a nightmare.

During this time, I was ‘alone’, playing FPL in a void – no one I knew played the game. I talked with myself in my diary.

Diary Page 3rd February 2020

Interesting to see, I told myself back to basics

  • ‘cover biggest owned’ players
  • ‘don’t gamble’
  • ‘patience with transfers’
  • ‘remove weakest link’
  • ‘ignore hearsay’
  • ‘use eye test & shots in box stats’
  • ‘a quick fix may only make things worse’

But it didn’t work fast enough. I lost patience and chose to select ‘some major differentials to try to stay ahead (of the curve) it didn’t pay off’. Diary entries ‘mix it up’ and ‘need to get away from the template’ further illustrate my desperation.

By the time the season locked down, in the middle of March, I had slumped to 238k.

What the actual…


Looking back, I recall how devastating this period was for me at the time. Now armed with far more knowledge (and the support in my Discord group) I would be able to handle it differently.

And guess what, time to practise what I preach, I have just had my worst week ever in FPL.

Groundhog day. Like the film, it’s happening all over again.

In a week where the average was 48 I scored 23 points, my OR dropped from 74k to 228k.

A tender message from the FPL gods

We should be strategising for consistency over a block of results, not allowing one anomaly of a game week to rudely skew our perspective. After all, being successful in FPL isn’t about being the most skillful player, but being the slightly above average player, who, with a couple of lucky breaks gets in grasping distance of the prize.

Blog ‘Golden’ 10th December 2020

What it boils down to, the very essence of FPL, is that it’s a guessing game, which you play against 7 million other people, but equally, if not more importantly, you play your own self.

In poker there are 52 cards, you can count them, and make use of probabilities to predict your opponents hand (and psychology to ascertain how he might play it out).

In FPL there are 20 squads of 25 individuals, with 20 managers, all projecting their own ideas and current mental state, then add injuries, the weather, COVID, VAR, and on and on (as Vince says it’s like War & Peace) – that’s a mighty big deck of variables to deal with.

As the song says, you need to know when to hold, when to fold, know when to walk away and know when to run.

I am not at the running away stage yet. Let’s see how February pans out.

If I can’t pull it back by game week 30 – ie enter the top 100k again – I might have to turn the tables, abandon this season and test some theories for next.

Inspiration for this weeks blog

Lateriser’s very useful article from this time last year

Groundhog Day is a 1993 film where the hero awakes to find he is reliving the same day over and over.

XXIX. Probable Evolution

There has been much laughter and chat in Hangouts of late, but one thing has stuck in my brain. It was something that came to me prior to Jason mentioning it and although I’d thought the same thing earlier, it wasn’t until I heard the thought spoken back to me, that it really registered.

“…at the end of the day, it’s just a guessing game!”

This prompted me to take a brief look at how we manage probability. Firstly, let’s draw a line under the fact that simply guessing randomly is not the best way to achieve a favourable result. This is further compounded by the number of variables in the game. Would you ever just play an “Autopick” team?! đŸ™‚ Inevitably, the guesses we make are not completely blind. Consciously or not, our probability management is mostly weighted by known knowns. Thus, our ability to guess right, more often than we guess wrong, is not just reliant on our knowledge of the subject at hand, but moreover, how we process and apply said knowledge. This is my current focus, how I interpret the data I consume! 🤔🤓

Noise is inevitable, the difference is what you listen to.

This GW21, due to recent injuries, form, or lack thereof – and Pep! 😆 (#chaos) – was always going to put the cat amongst the pigeons of captaincy options. The ensuing carnage of Saturday’s fixtures was, at least for me, comforting. 🤗 Captain pick after captain pick, blanked. The 12:30pm kick-off hoodoo stood true. #UNLUCKEEYY!!! 😁 Alongside DCL & Digne (WC20 purchases), and with Kane out injured, I decided to punt (guess) my FT on Richarlison. The weight of the fixture (their opponents being a poor Newcastle) combined with the return of nigh all the first team regulars who produced Everton’s blistering early season form, won out ahead of any other striker/fixture combination. It failed miserably! 😈😆 So, what is it that I voyuered, which determined my choice to go balls deep on Everton assets without care? Bravery, or Stupidity?! 🤣 This is something I’ll ruminate on until I find a satisfactory explanation! 😂 All I’ll take from it for now, is that I still believe it was a “Scientific Wild-Ass Guess” aka SWAG, mind you, I’m not an expert, maybe that’s the problem! 🤣

Scientific wild-ass guess (SWAG) is an American English slang term meaning a rough estimate made by an expert in the field, based on experience and intuition.

Information. I’m on a quest. There’s a lot of it, but so much of it doesn’t resonate. Is it me?!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-49.png

Matchday 2 (GW20) went well considering. 61pts from my WC team (42pt GW avg) despite blanking along with the other 2.7M (a new GW record!) Bruno cappers! 🤣 A 2nd consecutive win in the group stage. 6pts on the board as my opponent Brendan Saunders took a -8 for 43pts. Funnily enough, my Matchday 3 opponent JNO (FPL Today) also took a -8 for a net 43pts. This leaves me currently, top of the table! 💪🏿

😈 On Matchday 4, I’m up against Jim Parry. 😈

The carnage which was GW21 was highly entertaining! Maybe that’s easy for me to say with the small green arrow21k – I achieved, but, it really was exhilarating! The importance of a full playing bench was immense! My DF auto-subs from 2nd & 3rd bench, afforded me a combined 10pts (taking me above the 42pt GW average) preventing a certain red arrow! Captain Harvey Barnes returned 16pts! He was my highest outfield points returner as well!! That was such fun!! 😃 I met Chaos with my own brand of Chaos 😈, and endured! That said, the cap choice was based on stats. 🤓

Looking ahead to GW22, I really need my over-investment in Everton to come good! Richarlison will complete his two gameweek punt before being unceremoniously dumped, should he return or not. The plan to hold Digne & DCL is still a go. TraorĂ© is the weak link in my squad, so he’s out already, for an asset who has impressed me in the last two gameweeks! He’s a fifth mid, so at his price, I’m happy to take a gamble… and also start him! (Sorry Jim, further information is classified on a need to know basis only! 😈😝😂) To think, my first instinct was to watch & roll this gameweek, but again, my impulses get the better of me!

I can definitely see that I’m thinking differently. Probable Evolution?! I like to think so, this is not a squad I would’ve assembled 10 gameweeks ago & I feel freer than ever from group-think. For the first time ever in my FPL career, I have no fear of playing my own game and although there will be inevitable stumbles, I’m eager to see where it takes me! 😃 I mean triple Everton & double Leicester midfield attackers?!! It’s utter madness, right?!

Doesn’t matter, if there’s method. 😉

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