Fantasy Love Island

It’s back! Feast your eyes over a buffed up batch of flexlings looking for your love.

Less than 50 days to go and the game launches with the Euro’s in full swing and Fantasy Island UK yet to air. What’s not to love, sun, sex and football.

Chat rooms and Twitter feeds are buzzing with ‘Want want need’, so much eye candy, gotta have them all.

I have already dropped a couple tall dark and handsomes into my player pool-party, 100% my type on paper. Yup, my head is being turned.

John Stones after phwoaring me last season, well, we could be on again, vibes.

But J-Lingz you mugged me off after a brilliant start at the Hammers – I’m seriously chived…and Dallas, ick, your price hike coupled with that reclassification…

But before we all get to shoot our shot and engage in some savage re-coupling, any chance I could pull you for a chat ?

Not to throw shade around the fire pit, all this posturing is meaningless without substance, I’ve got a text, and it’s telling me not all guys are the same…

An initial squad should always be assembled with a regular captain pick in mind, someone who can deliver points consistently while also scoring bumper haul FPL secrets : picking the perfect captain.

(as obvious as the Love Island plot twists this one)

Part of starting strong, is prioritising captaincy. Find the one, he scores double. Well actually find more than one.

Last season captaincy points accounted for 22% of my final tally – that’s worth some TLC and quality time.

I will make time to pour over the fixtures and identify a Mr Right for each week, then fill in the team around them.

Not being funny but, there’s the sauce you do with your mates, then there’s the graft that helps you crack on with O.R. Not to go extra, but this season I am following the science.

Heres hoping your GW1 team is full of beautiful bodies and that the pleasure they bring lasts longer than one week – don’t worry there’s always the wildcard.

Further (serious) reading for when you are on the beach…


Aim to captain the most popular captaincy pick each week – rise & fall with the pack

When there is no obvious captain, use this opportunity to go more differential

random captaincies away from the premiums have a very low strike rate so don’t indulge in them if you want to play smart. But i also want to play for fun and make FPL less boring so i’ll keep doing it when i fancy it. Plus i don’t like having rules

just one idea from a valuable thread by Lateriser

Captain the /premium talisman players. ”Premium players justify their price through captaincy. If captaincy didn’t exist they wouldn’t be as expensive” @FPL Guidance

Use bookies odds. Find the teams with a greater than 50% chance of winning, cross reference this with the top 5 rated ‘anytime goal scorers’.

Captain experiments rarely pay off. You should stick to your premium players and avoid the differentials unless you are chasing a rival in your mini league and need to take some gambles. But that’s why they’re called gambles: because they are risky. When building your squad make sure you’ve got enough potential captain choices in there – your bankers.

taken from Fantasy Premier League: Unlocking the Secrets to a Top 1% Finish, by Toby Margetts & Gianni Butticé 

”some magic formula for picking a successful captain week to week – that, I’m afraid, does not exist” is a free to access site that provides a quality weekly guide to captaincy, the above quote is taken from this article

Meanwhile, targeting opposition stats seems to be a more reliable strategy. The single most successful stat to target seems to be opposition shots in the box conceded

What are the best metrics for picking an FPL captain? by Make Arrows Green Again,

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