The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.

John F. Kennedy

You can’t say I am not afraid of challenging the norm, I am not hung up on procedure and tradition, I don’t really care for the blessing of the masses. Sometimes solutions are found outside the usual compass.

I am quite partial to a bit of rambling, but when it comes to destinations I am focused, I am not about short cuts, and I can tolerate some pot holes – but last week, admittedly, I took the wrong path when I let emotion dictate my strategy choices.

Hasenhuttl overwhelmed after beating Liverpool 1-0 this week

My season aim is the highest overall rank possible, this has to come before friendship and fun.

Ruthlessness — wasn’t this one of the character weaknesses I identified in myself which prompted me to take the psychopath odyssey ?

I obviously had all the tools but did I have the strength of mind to use them in the most advantageous way ? What sort of characteristics make the perfect FPL player ?

taken from my introduction blog – The Psychopath Season

So, how do I look after GW 17?

Pretty darn good thanks, up to an OR of 130k. A 77 point game week, where the average was 56 – 82% of time this season I have finished above average. I am playing the players and winning, this is a big positive drive for me. I can’t beat the random and chaos of the season, but I can observe what other players are doing and strategise accordingly.

So realistically I don’t think I will win it this year, 200 points behind number 1, but I am on course to beat my previous best, 49k last season.

According to numbers cruncher Mikkel Tokvam the massive data model is the best predictor, so Blonde v Mathematical Models, bring it. Smash the predicted OR 114k.

Back to the game in general, good news, in a season such as this, fraught with both internal and external crisis, weaker entrants are going to leave the game, this coupled with the seasonal factor,means we can all benefit from a rank improvement.

Over thinking or brain exercising ?

So GW18 no longer looks so blank, and with 2 transfers I can get to fielding 11 players. GW19 offers opportunity with 12 teams playing twice, for me, the temptation to load up on these players will be tempered by the fixtures between 20-23. I will make time to work through various scenarios, dependent on the various outcomes (cup games, injuries, illness) of the days leading up to deadline Tuesday 16.30 12th January.

My biggest decision revolves around getting de Bruyne into my team, the draw of DGW, ease of fixtures and Man City coming into form is just too hard to resist. The obvious move would be moving (GW1 season long pick) Salah out – he has blanked in the last 3 games, but we all know what happens next…the other option is cash in on Kane…choices, choices.

17 October 2020


So glad that’s done, the obligatory ‘my season so far review’

Remember last week’s re framing technique, and the treasure map ? I dropped a few Easter Eggs into this blog…

Until next time, wishing you green.


The wonderful free FPL tools out there.

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