FPL; random and chaos. The mighty highs of hauls, the fear of missing out, the typicality of low blows just when we thought we were safe.

Two weeks in and triggering the Wildcard is the new hope.

Here I sit 2 points below average on 57, (thanks Mr -2 Egan). My OR 2.5m, not ideal, but not a deal breaker.

My plan was to mini WC this week, and that’s what I have done, I am currently on -4, that might become a -8 by deadline.

I had intended the following

  • Auba to MCI asset (fixtures toughen, he is consistent but not explosive)
  • Salah to MUN asset (releasing funds)
  • upgrade Bamford

Here is where I am at

I have swapped up my midfield, the best source of points.

Havertz leaves for some EVE coverage, rotation risk Saka becomes rotation risk Podence (eye test endorsed), but most important of all Auba makes way for the paragon of FPL Kevin De Bruyne.

Salah stays, after his incredible GW1 statistics. Shots (9), shots on target (3), shots inside the box (8), expected goals (1.87 xG) and, of course, 3 goals scored ( 2 of which were penalties). He also had a massive 88 touches of the ball, 21 of which were inside the box.

The arrival of Thiago and his ability to both provide for and free up TAA & Robbo, should further benefit Salah.

Bamford ? what to do ? 21 points in 2 weeks, points which have saved me to be honest. Value, nailed, rising in price. Keep.

and yes I have considered captaincy

Addressing the weakest link. Egan’s red card means he is ineligible GW3 & comes back to face ARS LIV MCI CHE in the next five games, he can wait until next week rather than cost me -4 this.

Strategy going forward – cautious consolidation

“If you cover your feet, you have your head cold…”

Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benítez famously describes football as a “short blanket”. You can’t cover everything, so sacrifices have to be made along the way.

I am comfortable sacrificing my defence. At least my cheap defenders are letting me down for less money. This season more than ever I am feeling the unpredictability of defenders, lets face it, last game week 44 goals were scored, surpassing the record 43 from February 2011. I am going to allow myself some grace on fixing my defence.

Captaincy is so important and must be high priority.

My returns so far, 14 points and 10 points. Steady and here’s that word again average. Owning Salah & Kevin means I have two excellent captaincy candidates (or a choice dilemma ) .

‘Always captain Salah at home’ makes sense, I am now considering ‘always captain Salah’ full stop.

Kevin has reportedly moved into a number 10 role and is on penalties, and this season more than ever feels like reliable source of points.

A pair of comfort blankets.

I am feeling the need to be cautious in these early weeks, going with reliable captains over explosive ones. Along with opponent form I will be checking captaincy polls before I make my decision, most likely going with the crowd, safety in numbers.

Formation, well I have somewhat cornered myself here, but at this stage of the season, 3 at the back is not a bad strategy. In the coming weeks defences will gel, get stronger and be worth spending money on.

These past two weeks there have been some amazing attacking hauls, I am hoping this continues and of course, benefits my team. A hattie from Mr Bamford against a weakened SHU defence would be an ideal differential.

I eagerly await the pressers, potentially I may still -8.

This blog was inspired by the Rudyard Kipling poem IF, as used by one of my favourite managers of all time, Mike Bassett.