Achievement unlocked – you have survived to game week 8 and are still in touch with the pack.

I’m glad I purchased that heavy duty armour of patience, safety picks and logical planning when I went up against Captain Chaos (aka the 2020/2021 Football Season).

Now the great unknown is being unmasked by data and metrics, we are all starting to identify value players and up trending teams, level 2 awaits, further adventure, more rewards.

Time to re-equip and upgrade to a more flexible liquid body armour to go with my force field of confidence.

I had a stellar GW8, 78 points (average 55) my first 6 figure game week rank (330k). I moved up 500k in OR to 711,280, 473 total points.

Game Week 8 Team Selection

Knee jerk take aways – Son & Robbo need to go. Considered reaction, Son & Robbo look the weakest links going forward. Son because his fixtures change for the worse, Bale’s introduction and possibly an unknown factor, well he’s not performing in his natural explosive way. Robbo is not value for money and Pool’s strength is no longer in their defence. This week’s big decision, keep Kane or not ..?

So let’s get down to it, the crux of the matter is, how to move forward. My next target is to achieve a top 100k rank by the next natural break GW16, the last game of the calendar year. I am in a good place to be more attacking but I want to couple this with maintaining a low to medium risk.


  • the future – the next 15-20 fixtures should be more normal by this I mean regressing to the norm stats wise, we still have Covid and the ensuing complications. The schedule will remain hectic.
  • fixture swings
  • the new NEW top 6
  • the Manchester players – worth their value or not
  • maintain team value – it’s worth it at the end of the season
  • template/ownership – time to monitor & react to
  • HITS – time to ease off now, but allow them one last time out of the break, to reposition the squad for the next push
  • differentials – players/teams/managers/formations

Zelda Explained – Dr Emmett Brown

Time to get the old grey matter processing over the International Break. Join me next week for total world domination.