The secrets to success at FPL are well documented; you can find them on any social media platform. Granted it takes a mix of skill and luck to achieve a top 1% finish, but it’s certainly doable, pushing on to make rank #1 in GW38 is another matter.

19/20 was my 4th season. ‘The Knowledge’ done. I was top 8k by Christmas, my crash & burn February, meant I entered the 3 month hiatus shackled to my worst OR of the season 259k.

After a period of cold turkey – yes FPL is an addiction – came a period of reflection, I obviously had all the tools but did I have the strength of mind to use them in the most advantageous way ? What sort of characteristics make the perfect FPL player ?

To win you need to stay engaged, dynamic and in control. I need a hero. I need someone to aspire to. Where can I find this person ?

After a three month lock down diet of Netflix and ice cream, the perfect candidate emerged in the still of the night, Hannibal Lecter.

So why the fascination with psychos and how will this improve my game play?

There are particular personality traits exhibited by psychopaths which I intend to master to train myself to be a better player. Spoiler alert – they are not all good.

Psychopath… The word itself has become a synonym for a certain type of evil, denoting a specific breed of cunning, bloodthirsty predator who lacks empathy, remorse and impulse control, readily violating social rules and exploiting others to get what he or she wants.

Throughout the year I will draw on Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist to prompt discussion of my FPL season.

I will be revealing my blog in real time and already I feel a peculiar sense of excitement. Will I be able to balance role play and my own self ? Just how far will I go to win?

I may have just found the edge to get me to the top. This season I invite you to join me on my journey channeling my inner psychopath. Let the games begin.

(49,244 if you were wondering)