A positive game week on my wild card, 72 points, up to 1.6m OR from 2.4m, returns from captain Salah, star player Harry Kane. I am recharged, born again – even if the wild card was played for the wrong reason, it was the right decision. And I have benefitted from a boost in team value.

The catch up line is 100 points away

I am now 92 points behind the top 10k, the probability of catching up falls as the number of game weeks falls. If I wait too long I leave too much to do. I need some maverick picks with fatter tails alongside my steady providers.

Upside chasing is trending in the community, aggressively targeting explosive players for single game weeks for (hopefully) instant points hits. Great stuff at the end of the season when you can afford the 0.1 cost per week, right now I need to temper this tactic somewhat.

For example, Son, I intend to keep him for only 3 weeks, he may continue hauling for longer, but I have more differential plans for his position.

So more maverick players means I’ll catch up faster – but in probability the benefit decreases the more I add, as the probability of low scores starts to offset the probability of high scores.

The further behind I get the more maverick I will need to go.

As it’s early days I am starting with caution. My optimal range is between 2-4, I am going with a low risk entry level 2.

Another premise I am exploring is maverick double picks.

Last game week I played my wild card, and opted for the 15% owned Son and Kane combo (current cost 20.1). I also considered the Mane-Salah pairing, at a miserly 1.9% owned (cost 24.2).

Luckily I chose the correct option, the Spurs duo got me 29 points, team Liverpool yielded 13.

I should be rolling a transfer this week, but I have just spotted an ideal maverick double pick…temptation.

Identifying Mavericks

  • POSITION goal scoring midfielders
  • COST high cost players score high more often, above 6m is my threshold
  • FIXTURES matter a lot
  • FORM a consideration, perhaps a greater identifier of budget players
  • ZEITGEIST the current situation. For example keep abreast of injuries/sickness, it may result in lucrative out of position players.

VAR versus Referees where do we draw the line ?

I don’t know where the line is

Klopp after the Merseyside derby.

Is it time for a rethink of who takes authority for running a football match ? The puppet on the pitch or the muppet at VAR HQ?

For me the officials on the pitch should take charge of the match, the continuous deferring to VAR undermines the authority of the referee and his assistants, and dare I say it, breeds complacency. Liverpool have asked for a review of the tackle on Van Dijk, the referee didn’t even look at the pitchside monitor during the match.

Respect is dwindling.

In your face referee crowding after an unsatisfactory ruling is commonplace, but not a new occurence.

Speaking in 2018, Pierluigi Collina called for this behaviour to be ‘killed’.

I would say it’s certainly coming from emotion, sometimes it’s also a lack of respect. Referees know that they cannot accept it. We have been clear with them. They know what they have to do. If they accept, this is their decision and they will pay for their decision.

Addressing this matter as well, by limiting approaches to the referee to just team captains, further empowers the on field officials.

No football player should ever put their hands on an official, whether they be female or male, Aguero did make a mistake on Saturday. I think it’s obviously worse by the fact that he put his hands on a female official, which he should never have done.

Gary Neville

Line crossed, nicest person you ever met or not Pep.


33 weeks to go, plenty of time to make that top 10k target.

In last weeks results we still had plenty of goals, and our first 0-0, when Burnley travelled to West Brom, who’d have thought it – well we all did…finally something predictable.