He’s happy and he’s dangerous. And guess what after another rank boosting game week so am I.

Mou-Mou loves a good analogy, I love a good decision – even better than I like other people’s bad decisions.

Here are some anecdotes on how I handled my huge melons this last few days.

I have to confess I’m not shy of bending and breaking the so called rules of FPL but my last decision sure made me feel dirty. I made a transfer early ; on Sunday night. And it was a sideways move. And I made it because of the noise being made on Twitter – it drew my attention.

I took Rashford out to bring Fernandes in.

Whilst gathering information for GW9, every single source was telling me Bruno is over performing in every variance, he is not a value pick, not a long term option, penalties are skewing his data.

Talking with my FPL wingman ( you know the one whose playing style contrasts mine, the details man, the sounding board, my go to) he makes what he considers a throwaway comment;

”Until Man United start playing, Bruno gets everything, he has no responsibilities and they all pass to him”

Aaah Bruno. So what if his numbers don’t add up his FPL points certainly do.

My first few seasons playing FPL were solitary and naive, then I found Twitter and this lead to me passively absorbing podcasts and (rare) blogs. Very vanilla, appealing to the masses, spoon feeding. When I joined my first Discord group I experienced a a substantial change in perspective. Talking in chat rooms.

Nothing productive comes from smiling and nodding. Debate is where it’s at.

Information is power, it’s good to listen to the opinions of others, however outlying they might be. Let them all speak, then take your own time to evaluate what was said and then make your decision. But a one sided conversation is no conversation, I like to be controversial, throw some random stuff out there, see what sticks.

How my team looked GW9

Before the deadline – and I did leave it as late as possible – I decided to favour rolling a transfer (again) over taking a -8 to reposition my team and remove the covid stricken Salah. I benched him and to cover Liverpool’s flourishing attack I swapped out Son for Jota, as luck would have it they both scored in GW9. This move also released some funds to regenerate my defence ( I need to boost my playing bench somewhat).

I also swapped my captaincy from Grealish to DCL. DCL needs Richarlison. Full stop. When I was sure the happy threesome ( DCL Richarlison and Rodriguez ) were back together again I knew where the armband should go.

Spurs fixtures toughen up for a period, and Mourinho’s set up against MCI is now however causing me to consider Kane’s place in my squad, 4-5-1 and he is not the 1. He certainly has the form and bar GW1 , regular attacking returns. But a Vardy punt looks tempting, and I somehow need to decide if I need some MCI coverage , and it won’t be any of their over priced midfield. I don’t fear not owning MCI assets but I am starting to fear not owning any Chelsea ones…


Most decisions require a good understanding of the current state in order to understand all implications of the potential choices.As much information as possible should be gathered to build confidence that a decision has been accurately and appropriately formulated before additional analysis and assessment of alternatives begin.

Am I making good decisions? Well my arrows are green.

I know I am making responsible decisions, and luckily I haven’t experienced too many bad beats.