Glad that week’s over, how did you do ? How are you feeling about your team ?

Do I really care ? NO. Do you really care about my rank ? NO. Good for you.

“I ain’t no white trash piece of s**t. I’m better than you all! I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I’m gonna outlast you.” Max Cady Cape Fear 1991

So I find myself hiding in plain sight, 54 points, kind of average. I don’t consider one week a large enough sample size to make any wholesale changes. As I planned, I’m rolling my transfer. Mini WC lined up for GW3.

My aim for GW1 was to survive, and not fall behind, who knew Salah would score a hat trick, unexpected but it happened. Although I had him in my team, I thought Auba the better captaincy pick. Good process bad result.

I am only looking forward, like the psychopath, I am not attached to failure, I am too interested in self advancement.

Where are my current opportunities ?


  • I loved watching Leeds. Over the next few weeks we should get a better picture for which assets to select. Bielsa does not rotate, new recruits need to be drilled in the aggressive playing system, so once the preferred striker option becomes apparent, I will most likely lock him in. Meslier and Ayling interest me too.
  • Liverpool defence struggled, but they take a few weeks to sharpen up. Salah was FPL gold at home on day one again – but unlike last year I didn’t triple captain him. He looks a sharp, definite hold.
  • SOU are still very attacking, and were unlucky not to score. Ings had chances, KWP (YC) 23 touches in the final third.
  • Ryan (set and forget) and the SHU crew faced tough opposition, I didn’t expect much more than appearance points anyway, this week. I will be monitoring the SHU defence going forward.
  • My FPL sin, I might be fixated with Arteta, Saka given the #7 shirt then not played ? I’m watching you Mikel. Auba was reliable, just what I want in a captain.
  • Risk: if you don’t take risks where is the fun ? Three days before the WOL game, Wilder swapped one of his strikers for lost boy the pacey attacker Oliver Burke. Listed as a MID 4.5m he is an ideal enabler, he was on the bench. Could Wilder be going for the OOP double, after gifting us Lundo last season ?
  • In my last blog I highlighted the amount of points NewC midfield generated, now they have striker Wilson too. Park them until GW10.
  • The invisible man Vardy showed up to score 2 penalties, Castagne mildly interesting, but I’ll pass on LEI assets.
  • Alas poor WBA, I will be targeting them and FUL.
  • CHE didn’t look ready, I’ll give them some time.
  • SPURS, after watching the All or Nothing documentary and the fixture congestion, I decided to avoid. I’ve not changed my mind.
  • EVE wow, time to research the assets.
  • PAL are you all you seem ?

When I say I am channeling my inner psychopath this season, let’s be clear, I know my weaknesses and honing certain psycho traits will strengthen me.

Being a psychopath doesn’t mean that you’re a criminal. Not by default, anyway. It doesn’t mean that you’re a serial killer, either.

When psychologists talk about psychopaths, what they’re referring to are people who have a distinct set of personality characteristics, which include things like ruthlessness, fearlessness, mental toughness, charm, persuasiveness and a lack of conscience and empathy.

BAD BOYS (and girls)

Seems like I am not the only fledgling ‘psycho’ on the FPL block. Watching the Elite stream last night, it was revealed two characters had a bet to see how many people they could con into unnecessarily wild carding for GW2.

Remember, psychopaths will literally make up and say anything in order to achieve their aims. Blatant lies, distortions, deceptions, are just some of the common devices used to enable advancement.

Confession: I have engaged in them all these past few weeks.

Trust only in yourself.

Ever wondered where you sit on the psychopath spectrum ?

“I feel back home. I am extremely happy and proud to have been given the honour of being manager of this football club. I have prepared for the challenge and am ready. If I didn’t feel that, I would not be sitting in this chair.”

Mikel Arteta