Please choose one of the following options

Option A

It has been tough season so far,and the bad news, there are only 9 game weeks to salvage a decent rank.

I’m setting up my best team for Saturday’s 11am deadline (I might take a hit for a Chelsea defender) , we’ll know how things have shaken down after the first week back from International Break, because this week anything could happen when the players return.

We’re all in the same boat, we can sort this before GW31. We got this.

Option B

To be honest my rank could be better, but I’m still ok, it’s been tough but it’s been tough for everyone, I am still willing to give this a go. There is still a quarter of the season left after all, and I know weaker FPL players will drop away. Also I have a good knowledge of the teams and players, and with some double game weeks on the horizon, and some obvious captain picks to target – shield or sword- there is opportunity. How can I maximise my game from here ? How can I hit the ground running GW30?

If you chose A

OK so you have dropped behind, understandable, with injuries and cancelled matches blowing your points haul week after week, watching your mates breeze on through with their stellar triple captaincies and never ending bench choices.

Things wont be changing. I should say look ahead target some fixtures coming up, but the simple plan is to face it head on, week by week. Live or die by gut instinct, some knee jerks, get some form players in, (who scored big last week ? – I can’t remember who, it was 14 days ago now.)

Hits are fine or maybe not, so stick with what you know, that new striker is not going to outscore the guy you’ve held all year cos he hit 200 points last season. Your final chip, your last chance, everyone else is playing it GW35, you will lose out if you don’t do this too, group think is right, right ?

Surely your luck will change for the better, regression to the mean and all that ??

I doubt it, you’ve made bad calls all season and never had any 3 figure game week ranks. Because your OR is on a downward trend, the likely scenario is you finish on double your current rank. Shit happens. If I were you I’d find a content provider who is doing well ( Let’s Talk FPL Andy ) and copy his transfers from here on.

Next season you can be a new man and win it.

Thanks for reading my blog, hopefully catch up with you early August.

Best of luck mate.

If you chose B

Welcome to the beginning of your next adventure. How are you doing ? Staring ahead into the great unknown. Let’s put some markers down to point the way.

Take a good look at your rank, how does it make you feel ? What is your aim for the next 9 weeks ?

Don’t ask how, but Ideal scenario, realistically what would be a satisfying OR for the season ?

How do you feel now ? Acknowledge your emotion, it’s the first step.

Now zoom out a little, change your perspective, you are the manager, where can you see the possibilities for future gains ? Nothing in focus yet ? You need to read my next blog ;).

For me ranked 236k with 9 hands to play, I am not quite on target but strangely very similar to last season.

(Awaiting GW30 I was at 251k – I finished at 49k)

Conclusion; not brilliant but still in touch with my desired rank.

When you look at your own rank, consider your tolerance range – I don’t have mini leagues weighing me down, so my view on risk is more flexible.

The way I see things, 50K would be great, 100K is my target, up to 500K is meh but ok. So, realistically anywhere between 100K and 500K will register the same to me.

Can I stomach a 1M finish ? If my answer is yes, then I should proceed with a medium to high risk strategy.

My aim being to crack the 50K again means I can likely proceed with low to medium risks, such as identifying a couple differential captaincy weeks and going differential, rather than rising and falling with the herd. A higher risk would be going differential for each of the 9 weeks, even when the captaincy shout is so highly owned and everyone is on it – if I don’t match a haul my rank would plummet.

I am currently on 1816 points, I have TC, FH and WC so I will factor in a conservative 80 points compensation.

1896 points puts me around 50K, hmmm that nudges me towards low risk. Basically I should mostly shield, pick my differential moments to attack, and in addition make certain I hit those points targets I have assigned to my remaining chips. I can allow a little margin for error.

So my rank is not that bad, if all my competitors around me play on in their usual fashion, and I look ahead see and take my opportunities I can really make some gains and acheive top 50K. It’s no certainty, but it’s realistic and low risk.

But, you only live once, why not squeeze the accelerator pedal a little ?


This is not the blog I have been writing the last couple days, that will follow shortly, (it’s a mystical quest to find a unicorn. Well actually it’s about the hunt for actual opportunities, not just your standard differentials predictions, some more outside the box thinking.)

But back to the point

I don’t want to appear rude, well hell yes, life is too short. Some of you need a slap.

Don’t let fear come between you and opportunity – especially at this stage in the season.

Now I feel like a psychopathic school mistress, so pens down, sit up straight, go home and get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow I want you to write me a 500 word essay entitled ”My Best is Yet to Come”