The most important thing when you’re handling a risky operation, is you’ve got to be very cool under pressure, you’ve got to be focused. You can’t have too much empathy. If things do go wrong, the most important facet in a manager’s arsenal is decisiveness. You cannot freeze.

The pro’s to turning up the dial on certain psychopathic traits – lack of empathy, versatility, self worth and focus – is that your decision making confidence is boosted, so that adverse conditions will be redirected into opportunities, and quickly too.

Every game week offers a new risk, be it a fixture turn, bandwagon, injury or enigma. Stepping back from the noise, to look at the bigger picture and doing your own thing can inspire quiet revolutions.

On my mind this coming game week

Team Formation

In FPL, team formation, whilst not such a glamorous topic such as transfers or chip usage, is none the less vital for points generation. Mainly due to a glut of goals so far this season, my chosen strategy, bar GW1, has been to set up a 343.

Defence has been a minimum spend area for me. But I am watching the situation, because things change, and identifying the starting points to shifts leads to getting ahead of the curve, and differential points. Are the goals starting to slow down ? Last week I touched on the fact, less goals mean less points hauls, which means hit taking becomes riskier. Now I am considering a shift of funds into defence, but only if this downward trend continues.

20/21 Season Goals per Game Week

The Seminal Game

Looking ahead to GW8, the game of the round sees Man City host Liverpool, where one manager’s injury crisis has meant a reduced defence, and the other’s injury crisis has meant a reduced attack, both are benefiting from repositioning midfielders.

Klopp’s decision to spend £32M plus Ki-Jana Hoever to get Jota in, now looks good business, it gives Liverpool a new shape, and a new attacking dimension – and hopefully a new raised ceiling for goals scored. We have all dined out on their solid defence these past years, well 2020 is different, stay at home and take a long look at the attacking options instead – and how the points might be spread around more.

This is surely a must win game for City ? A spring board or a diving board ? Pep knows. He rested Laporte and Dias last night (in Europe) and gave Jesus a little run out (after 6 weeks injury). Since conceding 5 goals against Leics they have conceded only 3 in 8 games. City have only scored 9 goals in the league so far this season, extrapolated that becomes 57 for the season, in 19/20 they scored 102…upturn imminent ?

Value + Objectification = Easier transfer theory ?

We are on the verge of being a quarter of the way through the season, statistics do actually mean something. We are also on the verge of major fixture swings. Now lets add a refreshingly large player pool of options…how to choose going forward?

There are some really tough decisions on the horizon, uppermost, shall we hold our Spurs assets ?

VAPM (Value Added per Million) allows you to compare players of varying prices and positions when it comes to your decision-making process. Objectification means treating your players like objects meaning you form no attachment to them and can transfer them out with no anxiety – inflating your godlike status of self worth along the way.

The Hunt for Differentials

There is no magic answer, except to look everywhere. There are many ‘experts’ on social media who can help you. I like to look for myself too.

Rarely referred to in the FPL community, I often find myself in a Zen moment when I take my somewhat irregular look at the league table. I consider the team form as well as the individual when I make my choices.

Goals scored, non penalty – Spurs 16, Liverpool 14, Everton 14, Chelsea 13… might be useful to see the penalties table here

Penalty Goals Scored Table

Another take away from looking at the table is Arsenal – fewest goals conceded, already played some big guns…sitting mid table, transitional…might be worth a deeper dive investigation

The longer you look the more you see, this is no trick, it’s just a means to trigger reflection and keep you away from the knee jerk society.


Am I really that bad at picking a captain ? I need to put aside some time during the break to focus on this area of weakness.

GW7 average points 53 my score 57, small green arrow, up 100k to 1.2m. Captained Kane over Salah. Got in Rashford for an injured Rodriguez. I rolled a transfer last week and will do so again this.

Team Value is 102.7.

I’m doing alright, heading into the big push towards the halfway stage, it’s a solid foundation.