Preseason is all about getting a feel for the zeitgeist and building a flexible team to keep you in touch with the front of the pack. Pretty standard stuff. Something else I have learned from the psychopath’s handbook is manipulating your social circle to raise your own game.

Time to get into character, it’s surprisingly easy thanks to the wonderful FPL community. Their generosity and naivety know no bounds.

The parasitic lifestyle : Psychopaths prefer not to work for a living. They feel it is easier to take stuff from other people.

The game was launched a few days ago, social media is a whirlwind of drafts and a plethora of plans are in motion. A couple years experience and some sound knowledge of the game allows me to filter out the nonsense.

the steals

  1. choose a suitable team structure – a balanced price point based one suits me
  2. select your player pool by position & price, (buff up daily as more information comes available)
  3. with weeks to go & so many variables in the mix, don’t waste too much time on building a 15 man squad by name
  4. make some connections (people, podcasts, vlogs, websites) mavericks are good, geniuses better,get in with the right company, if you find yourself the cleverest person in the room change rooms.

Steals 1-3 should take a couple hours tops – come back to your team closer to the deadline, this is when you can apply your best knowledge.

Steal number 4.The majority of your time, before GW1 should be devoted to finding the smartest ‘company’.

A parasite, by definition, can not flourish alone.

Above all cultivate one trusted friend to support & feed you, be like Klopp and get them in a 1-to-1 clinch – try Discord for the anonymity.

It is important to stress balance here, find a partner whose style will challenge yours, who you can have meaningful debate with and both come out winning. Talking through your thought processes accelerates learning.