Is It Good Practice to Reset my FPL mindset ?

Yes, it is a good idea to reset Windows FPL10 if you can, preferably every game week, when possible.

Most users only resort to a Windows FPL10 reset if they are having problems with their arrow colouration. However, tons of data get stored over time, some with your intervention but most without it (commonly termed ‘noise’ ) .

This data can accumulate rather quickly and continue to rotate and slow your system down the more you use your browser.

If left unattended, the data obtained from social media (malware), bias (spyware), and other means, completely derails your system and may cause brain freeze and in the worst case, account deletion.

Resetting your brain (like you might do with your Android smartphone) ensures optimum performance and stability on a continual basis.


Restoring to the factory settings will make you feel like you’ve wiped the memory. However, the data does sit in the background until it is overwritten by new data.

This bloody game. How come after all the time I put into research and reasoning I make the wrong decisions ?

Because no matter how much logic you apply to reduce the risks, it’s still a guessing game.

Walk away. Listen to music. Change the subject. Balance yourself. Go again.

Two weeks ago I had an anomaly game week, GW21 only 23 points, I did the right thing, ignored it as best I could and moved on.

I now feel I am in some yo-yo state, good week bad week, bottom line, I am not in a happy place – in every sense.

I can’t dress this up in a sugar coating, I am not winning FPL this year. A disappointing plot spoiler, with 25 blogs to go.

I now have 3 choices

  • Total wipe-out – delete my account and terminate the blog
  • Stick 2 fingers up to convention and go rogue with differentials and other nefarious activities
  • Re-balance and return to considered moves and patience

Well it won’t be deletion, and I tried rogue tactics and failed last season. Really ? I have to choose boring plodding.

that old dog has chained you up alright

The things I do for a 50k OR.

Someone’s gonna pay, I think I’ll be starting with Chilwell. And I might be treating myself to a hit or two, as the double game weeks come at us. And why oh why can’t I nail my captaincy ? Must I go premium captains only, how dull. Better look at adding some premiums back into the squad.

I have already used my Bench Boost chip – the reason I mention it, DG26 is a BB target for many, so I am mentally preparing myself for a rank drop here. Actually with doubles in 24,25 & 26, it’s chip playing season, it’s going to be a struggle to keep up without playing chips. I still have my Triple Captain, Free Hit and Wildcard.

So much to think on, and most importantly, this could be a period to once again cut myself some slack – easier said than done. Time to dig in and reassess in GW30.