WARNING : may cause mild peril and unfriending.

I heard the bells on Christmas day, their old, familiar carols play; and wild and sweet the words repeat of peace on earth, goodwill to men.

H W Longfellow

No thanks.

I’ve decided to be naughty this year and save Santa a trip. Yes the psycho season continues. Last week I may have flirted with the Devil, and still achieved a significant green arrow, this week I am double dating, Scrooge and Krampus.

Ebeneezer: So, there is actually something to be made out of being bad…
Spirit: Er, technically… technically… yes… yes… But that’s not the point, is it? It’s the the soul…the >soul<…

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

The Blonde-Psycho Guide to Rocking the Festive Naughty List 2020

Be charming and disarming. Be sociable, win people over and get what you want out of them, inside information, strategy ideas, remember information is power. Rinse and repeat.

Social networking is the use of internet platforms to get connected. Spend your holiday free time productively increasing and importantly upgrading your social circle. Find yourself the smartest person in the room ? Change rooms and cut the unworthy from your entourage.

Consistent irresponsibility.It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most wonderful thing about the internet, is the anonymity it affords, you can take take take, and move on, with no moral duty to give back. Creating multiple persona along the way to further enhance your position is also an option – playing the dumb blonde has been enormous for me this year.

Misinformation and terror. Small lies might be socially acceptable, pretty much everyone does it. The psychopath will lie, be deceitful, and con others for their pleasure or personal profit all while knowing is causes harm. Just don’t care.

Me,me,me. Be more self-centered, see yourself with rose coloured glasses, enjoy your own cunning, fall in love with yourself. Narcissism has a lot of bad press, but the happiness it induces promotes productivity and confidence.

Swagger is a strength of mind, a person with high self-esteem greatly respects him or herself. And that includes the power to make a good decision and let go of bad ones.

Laughing. Laughter is a great way to bond socially. If you have not tried voice chat on platforms such as Discord you are missing out. Laughing at others, well, come on, some of them are asking for it. Psychopaths are traditionally thought of as cold and serious, but a good maniacal laugh at others’ misfortune is something we can all enjoy.

Stupid is as stupid does. There is no evidence that psychopaths are more likely to be highly intelligent than the average person.

I know I am repeating myself here, but I truly believe my biggest differential this year has been other people’s mistakes.

It’s a holiday, be lazy. And the value in doing nothing is real, in FPL it’s a valid tactic which is the antithesis of knee jerking. Get over over-thinking, take a break. If you can’t stop thinking about FPL, at least let someone else do the donkey work by stealing plans, tools, tickers and charts created by generous others, thus freeing your time for considered decision making.

Thrill seeking is one of the tell-tale signs of psychopathy, and I say get your adrenaline rush any way you can. I can not lie, this past week I let some random on Twitter pick my captain, a small rush but a profitable one. Who knows what I will get up to this week in the alcohol relaxed atmosphere the holidays promote – remember psychos are opportunists, this includes how you get your kicks too.

A dark more ancient spirit, a shadow, a punisher, here not to give but to take, Krampus is Europe’s evil twist on Santa.


So the festivities in the UK this year, are combined with another lockdown for many. There is traditionally time for reflection, between the big day and New Year. Although I do intend a review of my FPL strategy so far this year, in the upcoming weeks, I wanted to start with a bigger picture, behavioural commentary piece, and in keeping with tradition, I went with Naughty or Nice.

You can take it with a pinch of salt or not.

As I try to improve my game play by tapping into beneficial psycho tendencies, some of it’s not so pretty. But FPL is a competition, if you are not in it to win it…

GW14, OR 252k, captain choice via Twitter random number call. Transfer was rolled.

Inspiration for this blog

A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton

Krampus directed by Michael Dougherty