I think that pizza I had was a bit dodgy, had some weird dreams…

”I like driving in my car, it’s not quite a Jaguar”

We’re only halfway there, shall we come off at the next service station?

”Are you turning left or what mate ?”

…last blog was a bit mehh, inevitable after the drama of the previous week, much like raising your game to play Liverpool, a poor week will always follow. Ipso facto 95% – is that significant ?

‘Park Park Park’

Don’t look now but there’s a guy by the frozen yogurt stand giving you the eye…his tongue is enormous

Comfort break & lippy

The urinals ? seriously ?

I miss you.

I miss you too.

Rotate ?

In mid stream ??

All warfare is based on deception – Machiavelli

Sun Tzu actually.

Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

They never saw it coming. 3 Games in a row, no one wants me sacked now.

Everything, everything, is geared for the 6th of February.

Oh, he’s sat at my table, yogurt man, I can’t hear what he is saying, his mouth is moving, I can hear piped music but not what he is saying.

Steve-O? Steve-O is standing behind him, cross-armed, I look back to see Jose Mourinho – the yogurt man is Jose ?

He flashes his eyes towards the next table, there sit Kane and Son, in their Spurs strips…

Deadline, what’s the time ? Let’s go.

Just need to buy a postcard, hold on, it’s already used…

A lot of people used to say, ‘Oh, Mark’s making it harder by giving this information out,’” he says. “But a lot of it is about how you process it. The key is to identify the key data that really does matter, and contributes to a good decision. You can get fantasy advice from many different sources, and it’s everywhere on social media. But the skill is to find the right stuff. And I don’t think it’s ever a silver bullet.

Mark Sutherns

Time to go

‘No mate I don’t want to buy a shed’

And I wake up

So information, how do you process it ? There is certainly an abundance of ‘advice’ out there for the FPL manager.

Do you like to sleep on it ?

By analyzing dreams, Freud thought people could increase self-awareness and gain valuable insight to help them deal with the problems they faced in their lives. Freud made distinctions between the manifest content and the latent content of dreams.

Manifest content is the actual content, or storyline, of a dream. Latent content, on the other hand, refers to the hidden meaning of a dream.

Post Script

Thoughts from a motorway service station. Why write a blog around a dream ? To highlight FPL’s dominance of my every waking hour – and sleeping hours too.Not really. And it’s not to suggest I am overthinking either.

It’s about information, data, knowledge, stats, and processing it, thinking for oneself, yes ask questions of others, take advice, but always factor in due diligence, to arrive at the best decision for your team.

There’s really no time for reading blogs this week, as GW19 rolls in as soon as GW18 finishes, and fixtures are shuffled and postponed as COVID is at the wheel.

Have a good trip.