Who am I? It’s like a riddle my mind cannot solve,I have no idea who I am anymore. This is going to take some time … Can you answer who you are?

Jonathan Frostick

A couple weeks off work and my mind has time for reflection, what have I done with my life ?

What happened to my sense of meaning, mastery and mattering to others.

You only live once – but you can always be reborn.

Here comes the sun, step out of the shadows…

For now, do something that makes you feel young, happy and free. He’d want that for you

Bill Steinman

I don’t know where you stand on the FPL spectrum, flying, mehh, done for the season, other…but as in life, feelings are cyclical. I know I have spent far too many game weeks languishing in the void between depression and flourishing, but right now, I am satisfied, I am OK, hovering just outside 100K, relieved I can see the finish line and hopeful for the future.

We are born again when the new season arrives. We can choose to experience a new playing style, to prioritise winning a mini league over overall rank. There is always a new dawn in FPL.

Us crazy folk that are passionate about the game are already planning the next campaign

  • BREW ‘already planning …writing a list ‘
  • FIRETOG has shifted strategy and cites he will be ‘chasing money at the start’
  • BUFFY is going pioneer. He has reached the final 8 of the Super Cup and is theorising on how he can take his blocking strategy and exploit it for rank gain for 2021/22.
  • VINCE ‘I was planning to quit next season, but this week has changed my mind..I have not planned … I have rules & laws …like 10 points but I deleted (them) … bring in players you know and trust , oh FPL laws I found it…’

As the game weeks count down, in a ‘you say goodbye and I say hello’ mindset, I am gathering momentum and information for next season. But I am still thoroughly engaged with this one.

I just enjoyed my best game week rank so far 18,639, I chose to TC Kane as I realised just captaining him, with his high ownership wouldn’t be enough to make rank gains. Yes a shield play but it felt more sword when he got 2 goals.

6 green arrows in a row, now up to 149k from 219k.

Interestingly I was 90% template GW32, a stark reminder of how powerful the captaincy coin toss can be.

I am still learning about how to exploit the template, you can stroke it and tease it a little while it sleeps, but push it too far and awakes with a deadly bite.

I was contemplating where to concentrate my efforts earlier this week

And I agree with Harbourboy, gently does it.

So why with 2 FT in hand did I end up on a -4 this week ? As I have accepted defeat this season, I am able to play with more freedom, I can gamble on the fact that 1 playing bench is ok ( I am keeping both Kane & Son who blank this week). Safe. Rational.

But I just can’t help myself, I am addicted to danger, to prodding the sleeping dog.

The pressers made me reconsider, Phillips and Jota were a no show possibility, I would be down to 10..but so what ? Others might be in the same boat, really I should hold my nerve, hope they resort to hitting, I should use their -4’s…and so it goes. Torres, Ings and Phillips out . Maddo (good vibrations), TAA (Mate-choice copying) and Bamford (‘it’s all coming back to me’ ) in.

As I write, half way through GW33, I can’t stop fixating on improving my midfield

GW33 and beyond – is good good enough ?

If you don’t go over the top, how are you ever going to see what’s on the other side?

Jim Steinman



Could the essence of mastering FPL be distilled into a 10 point plan ?

It’s possible. I am blueprinting mine as I type.The great and the good, the experts, the pseudo-sciencers , the chat room theorists, so many fountains of wisdom.

But it is beginning to dawn on me, that my needs might be more spiritual than factual. And that’s another blog.


What happened this week made the community contemplate its own mortality somewhat.

The storm in a tea cup which will no doubt bring about a sea change in how we experience football in the future.