All I really know is that I have the capacity to think.  This should not however be confused with actual thinking. I mean, “…you only need to select the best assets, right!”.  Right. 

Question Mark, Important, Sign, Problem, Search, Help

The Voices.  Chaos.  Mental notes.  Ego.  

Ok, so I admit, I’m not as good at this as I think I am, or more to the point, it’s not as easy to get good at this as I thought it would be.  I thought that consuming information, any and all, would be right. It’s logical: more data, more informed, more points.  

Or not as it turned out. 

The Knowledge (as a fellow blogger quite rightfully termed it) is… points.  

Points, points, wherefore art thou points? 

Looking at my gameweek history, points were not something I was conducive to accruing. Though saturated with data, last season was abysmal.  

Why? Thinking!!

It took a pandemic enforced break to kick my ego into touch (or is it action?).

With my mind devoid of FPL, by the time Project Restart commenced, my FPL brain had had a full reset. The Siren Song no longer enchanted me, couldn’t care less what the voices are saying anymore. Ego. 

Knowledge, without a cognitive plan of application, equals red arrows

It was a surprise to a logical mind like mine, that I thought I was thinking… when in reality, the thought never crossed my mind. 

I needed to introduce myself to me.