Having paid my money, queued (for what seemed ages), taken my seat and buckled in, the ride has started!!

(earlier that morning) Maybe your team’s too risky?!

I made changes to a structure I was happy with since the game opened, then reversed them all.  In the end, I only changed two assets, sticking to the price-point structure.  ASM goes out for JWP & I’ve gone balls-deep on Chelsea attack, Son 🔄 Pulisic, joining Havertz & Werner!!  The Son pick started at Willian, went to Dele, then Son, now Pulisic (just back from a hamstring, but trained with the squad). 

EliteFPL Discord general chat is 🔥!   A plethora of questions, certainty, banter, sabotage, insights, panic & hilarity!  It’s a Mad Hatter’s tea-party in there!  I’ve got a busy day and the stream starts soon!

Anticipation.  That initial jolt as the breaks are released and that slow climb towards kick-off commences.   At 12:30pm, we’ve reached the first apex of this 38 gameweek ride and we’re thrown headlong into the twists & turns, ups and downs of the ride.  It’s not long before I’m wondering why I didn’t stick with Willian who had been in my drafts for so long! 

That ship has sailed, move on.

At least my captain has come in, so that’s good.  It’s an area of my game that needs vast improvement. Turns out, that’s not the only part of my game which needs improvement!

34 Points

I tripled up on Chelsea.  A team integrating a number of big summer signings.  I should’ve seen the alarm bells.  Pulisic didn’t even make the bench!  I got a clean sheet from Lascelles, a goal from Auba©️ and an assist from Werner.  That’s it.  All the rest got 1 and 2 pointers, except for the two that got no points at all!

Lesson learnt for the start of next season I guess! 😆

It’s possibly the worst gameweek I’ve ever had, but, I think I got 27pts once.  The final game of this gameweek finished minutes ago and my team is an inferno.  I have to do something about Pulisic as he’s gonna be out until GW3 it seems.  Why I ignored the risk associated with starting him, is a mystery!  It was obviously a bad move.  That’s not even hindsight, just common sense! Havertz was dismal and Werner did his post-match interview with a massive ice-pack on his knee!  On the face of it, there’s probably at least 5 changes I’d make to my team right now, but, I simply do not have the information required to complete a wildcard team that I’d have any confidence in.  I’m staring down the barrel of double Chelsea assets (Pulisic’s already out on a FT), going into CHELIV without Salah who will give them more trouble than Lamptey did!! The latter was a thorn in Chelsea’s right-side all night!

Chelsea were poor and still scored 3 though!

To top it all off, KDB will rise tonight without having even kicked a ball!

You only need to pick the right assets.