If the weeks since Pre-season MMXXI/XXII: “Dread Thought” prove anything, it is that one of the most important attributes an FPL manager must have is flexibility of mind.

Whenever you think you are there with your planning, it is most likely the exact time to truly scrutinise said plan to find the parameters that you’ve overlooked, because there will inevitably be something that you haven’t accounted for!


There’s no such thing as the perfect plan and thus FPL team, else we’d all have it!

This is where the main obstacle of FPL management comes into focus. You. Can you process and adapt to the ever shifting-sands of the FPL landscape, or are you rigidly locked into the same thought processes?

What if I told you that both of these attributes are worthy managerial requirements?! The trick is knowing when to apply them! 😁

The dynamic nature of this game requires strong roots to prevent your mind from being overwhelmed by constant changes, yet also the flexibility to bend and flow with the prevailing winds.

The current culmination of thought leading to my current draft, has echos of the many principles discussed between the FPL managers in the EliteFPL Discord “Hangouts” voice-chat. We can get pretty deep into the pros & cons of management styles, and I have to say, the buzz, and the banter, is back this week in hangouts!! 😁🤓

Tsimikas. A gift from the FPL Gods!!

The stark change from my initial draft structure sees £2.5M removed from my GW1 benched assets to my starting 11. It also adheres to a trend that defences are more porous at the start of a season, so all out attack, is the order of the day. Hence the 3-5-2 formation with the extra points that midfield attackers can attain.

I can’t say that I’m locked-in 🔒 on this squad, but, I’m a good way towards being so. I especially want to be as close to being locked as possible, this will prevent any tilting at the inaugural FF-Fest on Friday! 😁

Like actual Premier League Club managers, now is the time for building momentum.

I’ve mainly filled my squad with established Premier League hardened assets who either have rich individual pedigree, play for clubs that do, or better yet, both! 😁 The majority of funds are invested where I believe they’ll yield the best ROI and the now seemingly age-old adage of “…and captain Salah.” is in effect. 😆

But should I Triple-Captain him against a dire Norwich?! 🤔

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