Mapping Law In Uncharted Territory

Having achieved the goal I set myself for GW1, being in or around the pack at the end of the gameweek (106pts, OR: 122,431), I’m now in uncharted territory! I’ve never had a good start before! The main reason why I put so much stock into having a good start is the mental calm it brings. As I stated in I. Dynamic…now is the time for building momentum.” Being in the herd, provides a sense of security.

Last season, a bad start affected my cognitive strategic approach to managing my squad, in adverse ways! 😰 I was possessed by thoughts of achieving gains in leaps and bounds from the outset, which was only exacerbated by the GW1 34pt haul I received a year ago! Yet this season, with my mindset focused on being steady and moving with the herd, The Universe sees fit to reward me (us) with a totally mental GW1 score! Funny how that works!

So now what do I do? Or more to the point, what result does this calmness of mind promote and how can I maximise it’s potential? The final minutes of the TOTMCI game resolved this for me! All set to roll my transfers into GW3 as planned, Gundogan injures his shoulder! 🤕 What also compounded this for me was…

I totally didn’t expect to see KDB get subbed on later in the match! I don’t know the full data, but my instinct (obviously guided by unconscious thought) says that Gundogan is less of a smart investment if KDB is fit to play. I presumed KDB coming back “…a bit quicker than Phil…” would not be the 79th minute of GW1! This news was from the 7th of August mind you… I banked it and didn’t check for any updates on the situation. You’d think I’d know better, seeing I was banging on about “…shifting sands…” last blog! 😁

And thus, the first lesson of the season for me is revealed. 🕵🏿‍♂️ Constant Vigiliance. 🕵🏿‍♂️ Falling into the trap my own mind is set by default to do. Find a comfortable cognitive zone “Gundogan is brilliant when KDB is not around...” lock it in, and move on, oblivious of the need to check and triple-check any decision that becomes too comfortable, just to be quadruply sure! 😁 Maybe if I had done this, I would be rolling the transfer, with no qualms on KDB’s appearance, as I wouldn’t have owned Gundogan! 😏 Lesson learnt.

Gundogan 🔄 Pogba Yep, I’ve jumped aboard the bandwagon! 🚞 It’s risky (for many reasons), but oh! So much fun!! If it pays off, then good job by me! 😊

It’s nice to have a £0.2M price rise in my squad. 💴 This team is now a differential that cannot be attained if you don’t already have Bruno and Pogba. That gives me even more comfort! 😊

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