Right now, all I know, is that, I don’t really know. There are too many unknown unknowns for my liking. I have a vague idea of the direction I want my squad to take, but until I’ve accounted for mitigations around the potential for assets to miss GW4 due to IB, I simply cannot devise a tranquil plan!

This state of incognizance, if I were to dwell on it, would only serve to sow seeds of stress, so, I’ll just take note that this state of unknowingness exists and wait for the path to reveal itself.

“Patience, my friend.”

Until the way is known, my focus will be concentrated on GW3 captaincy. The need for 2 FTs entering the IB (mini-WC thoughts? 🤔) on the back of the G√ľndogan 🔄 Pogba move in GW2, means that the popularly mooted move to 👨🏻‍✈️Captain Son👨🏻‍✈️ is out of the question.

If I’m honest, I’m not actually sold on Son… yet.

The GW2 Salah captaincy blank has provided a greater challenge to select not just a worthy asset – which Salah was – to wear the armband, but one whom will actually deliver. Was I wrong to go against the empirical data re Salah v Burnley?! 🤔 😈Well! As I’m adding this sentence after the WOLMUN match (I wrote most of this blog on Saturday morn) turns out, no!! 😂 #brunocappersinthemud 😂😈

🤔 Was the Bruno Captaincy a prime example of Recency Bias? 🤔

Reminiscing on a cognitive revelation of late last season where I suppressed my creative cognition in preference of that which relied on more logical & statistical data, I’m reminded to not be so rigid. This is still a game of chance and I should employ the same by taking some! I detest hindsight statements, but, my creative thought kept throwing TAA Captaincy at me, and I again resorted to logic and safety, instead of embracing the Chaos.

I’m really not going to second guess whether the safety play and fail 😆 of the GW2 captaincy, will now tilt the decision process for GW3s captaincy choice! 😂😅

On the face of it, when I weigh up attack vs defense, Barnes & Antonio jump out. The #BusTeam for now, has the armband on Antonio. I’m gonna have to contemplate this for a few days… I’m sure tonight’s WHULEI fixture will shed more light here.

#DreadThought If you do anything in the next 2 weeks, pay attention to the price rise/fall of assets and incorporate them into your plans! You’ve been warned! 😝😆

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