Stress will make your world a lot less colourful.


A conversation, with someone I met along the way (I’m the guy who talks for ages with randoms), a face, time and place I can’t quite put my finger on, told me something that has always stayed with me, and I kinda live by it.

If you have a problem, ask yourself what you can do about it.  If you can do something about it, do it and you’ll no longer have a problem.  If you can’t do anything about it, don’t worry about it as you have no control over the situation anyway, hence, no problem. 

I know that life is complicated and this may seem like an oversimplified approach, but, is it really? 

Control is where the conflict occurs when it comes to having no worries.  Can I just chill and let it roll over me? Sometimes problems are just inconsequential drama.  Othertimes you just have to make peace with the facts and let it go.  Some obstacles cannot be tackled head on, you have to adapt.  Life is not linear nor is it fair, that’s fact, do not dwell.  Be pliable, forge a new path and move ahead.

At all times, know that this too shall pass, because it will!

We are all individuals.  Every person does their thing a little way different.  However, one thing I know is, friends are important.  The handful of ones that you know will listen and offer objective responses without actually telling you what to do.  Check in with them, acknowledge your need for outside input.  Acknowledge that you’re not actually alone, unless you choose to be.  Who knows, you could end up helping each other in a very positive way!  As much as we all need help, there is a pleasure in offering help and seeing that help flourish. 

So, in summary…

Take a hit if you need to, solve that problem.

You can’t guarantee returns, let it go, no stress.  They’ll return points next gameweek (or the week after that).

Trust your instincts, you’ll be surprised, the head is sometimes too rigid.

You will go on a run of hitting those big hauls & captains, it’s inevitable.

As you do with friends, find a fellow manager who makes you think and see if you both improve each other’s game, just by talking about it. 

#WorldMentalHeathDay #YouAreWhatYouThink

There is also a time to just say, “Fuck this shit!” and bounce! 😁

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Credit to Blonde on a point made in the summary.