So the season will soon be underway and I’m eerily clear-headed. 

This is a first.


I am part of the chaos, yet detached from involvement, really though, I’m just better prepared. 

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I have a plan.

Now, I’m evolving on the fly here. The 2019/20 season concluded just 28 days ago! In this time, I’ve collated the mental notes of mistakes made last season, which now lend to The Plan. Thus, I’m adopting. I’d heard about price-points before, but it was gobbledygook! I even read an in-depth article about it, and still didn’t get it! 

During the progression of last season I became more and more aware of my chaotic management and how price-points can allow me to find order.  I guess the saying is true, you have to learn it for yourself.

Step one in learning for yourself, is accepting that you do not have a clue. 

I suspect this is where ego comes in.