Automatically, as soon as the game opened, I started playing with the price-points. I know that flexibility is key, especially at the start of the season when the unknowns are peak! I looked at where the majority of those shiny things I love so much are located and created a structure to fit.

It was a very quick decision to write-off the cheap strikers. My style doesn’t enjoy the potential of having to monitor and swap out £6.5 FWs. So that leaves £8.5 & above strikers. Out of those, maybe 3 are explosive? It also quickly dawned on me that the £8.5M MF options were more exciting and explosive – imo – than the FWs in the same price bracket.

Ok, just one striker up top then... I hear the single starting striker risks. I care not! 🙂

Please go on loan Brewster!!

There are riches to be had in MF. Definitely five spots. Two of which must be £12M slots, as I plan to set/forget KDB, and my style demands another slot to chop & change with when fixtures/form dictate. The mid-priced options are also exciting, possible explosive returns and potentially captainable! I’ll need 2 slots there too, because I don’t want to have to pick between Havertz & Mahrez, I want them both! At fifth mid, I’ve managed to squeeze in a £6.5M price-point… The Foden spot! Nice! 🙂

I did start with a double Liverpool defense structure, TAA & Robbo are obvious value, but, you know, shiny things in the midfield put paid to that. TAA is essential though (yeah, I said the “E” word!). I toyed with rotating GKs, but bollocks to that, get a DF from the other team and get the other GK’s points that way.

Initially, look at your team as price-points not names on a team sheet.

Now, to maximise my xJoy swapping between those juicy MF options, I need to set/forget the GK, DF & FW assets in my team (as much as is possible). Ideally, they all stay in the side until WC1 (bar injury and/or a serious loss of form).

Yeah, that’s never going to happen!

With the baseline pricepoints set, I simply need to find the best assets to slot in. This means, I’ve already narrowed down my decisions per slot, as only a player in a specific price range can occupy said slot. This, I hope, will benefit my style and reduce my chaotic tendencies. To this end, I’ve spent the vast majority of pre-season deliberating cheap DF/GK options, so as to not have to spend much time thinking about those slots until I play my first WC.

The rest of it is easy, the shiniest things available, get picked! 😀

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