I won a mini-league last season, which piqued my interest. 

This season I’m all over it!  (subscribes to all content I come across)

I’m religiously absorbing information left, right & centre. Podcasts, YouTube shows, articles, chat rooms… pulling ideas from everywhere. The plan that I’ve unconsciously adopted is to simply, be part of the herd, not really caring about the finished puzzle, just ensuring I have all the pieces.

That sounds like a really good idea, plus, they must know what they’re talking about!

Which player did that person just bring in?

I’m gonna change my whole approach now.  (8pt hit)

That asset just hauled, I’m getting him in!

This asset will haul eventually, I’m keeping him until he does. (another hit)

I continue like this all season until the pandemic induced break, treading water,  all season, in the overall region of 1M – 1.2M convinced that my “plan” can still get me a <100K end of season rank.

“Check yo’ self, before you wreck yourself…”

I realised – during the break – that people process the same information according to their mindset, which is always conditioned to a lesser or greater extent.


I applied a lot of critical thinking to social media’s Covid19 conversations, as the noise on the interwebs was raucous! I came back to the restart of FPL management with the same cognition. Maybe knowing that it was a small, set number of quick-fire matches, I could see the bigger picture and thus took all of the games into account, as opposed to just the next immediate short-term encounters, as the baseline model.

The short of it… I rose approximately 700K places by season’s end.

Being aware of one’s own susceptibility is vital to success. 

Personality equals style. What looks good on you, will not on another (and vice-versa), and even if you and said others look equally great… there will always be degrees of!

Style.  Know your own.

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