This FPL universe, it’s swirling with facts and opinions which range from the obvious to the improbable. You can limit your exposure, but the pull of its gravity is inescapable. I immerse myself in, as well as add to the galaxy of insights in orbit.

The world could get its first real glimpse of a black hole on April 10

How do you chart and maintain your own course in the face of this irrepressible gravitational pull of noise?  


The ability to see, hear and absorb without being filled (which would leave no room in your mind for true contemplation of your own thoughts), allowing the noise to simply flow through yet not being caught up in the current. 

Emptiness is an expression used in Buddhism which defines the distinction between the way things appear to be and the way they actually are.

Those which are produced from causes are not produced. They do not have an inherent nature of production. Those which depend on causes are said to be empty; those who know emptiness are aware.

Guatama Bhudda

I know from personal experience that getting tilted – resulting in suboptimal decision making – is easier to not do when you have a good start to the season. The paradox is, good start or no, this is the exact time that self recognition of your degree of susceptibility towards tilting your cognitive management process is paramount, because gravity is ever present.

Find your Zen, make that the cornerstone of each thought and you’ll serenely cruise the constellations of FPL points.

Now.  To satisfy my inner Chaos 😈 – which must always be done, otherwise I’ll not feel complete 😁 – look what I did!! 👀

Antonio 🔄 Hwang. Everything is right with my world. £2.2M itb. 😊 #playyourowngame

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