In planning for this season, I always had a design of the longer term strategic direction I was likely to take. With this blueprint in mind, my focus concentrated on implementing and refining this plan.

🤔 But, what if the blueprint contains flaws?! 🤔

Ahh! I didn’t really anticipate this possibility. I guess as the 2021/22 data pool begins to provide more usable data, predetermined intentions will reveal flaws. The recognition of a less than optimum strategy and having the wherewithall to not be obstinate and push on regardless – like taking a hit to get Antonio back this gameweek, despite having to now pay £0.2M more for the privilege – is a trait that maybe we as managers are hesitant or even reluctant to embrace. However, if you’re happy to sing your successes from the rooftops, I think we should be equally bullish about recognising our flaws and correcting them. Surely we learn more from this than our successes, plus, who’s to say that the rectification an error, is not actually success?! 💯 👌🏿

Beware the pitfalls of Ego!

Recognition of flaws are good, it presents opportunity.

We’re only human. Nobody likes to admit to being mistaken, even to ourselves, muchless public acknowledgment of the same. The conundrum is, the ability to recognise, admit and subsequently correct our errors, is the very epitome of good decision making.

This re-evaluation of strategy and the aforementioned hit for Antonio, has added a net 4pts to my current GW score. So minus the hit, I’m currently on 34pts. Not a good score by any means, but this gameweek is very likely to be one where I’ll get off relatively lightly with a poor return. With Sanchez & Gallagher yet to play (each other😄), I’m not expecting many more points to be added to this total. Red arrow guaranteed! 📉

I have already taken another hit #impulsive😈, Greenwood 🔄 Raphinha, and I’m toying with actually captaining Raphinha for this coming GW7! Also contemplating ignoring both Ronaldo & Lukaku for Vardy, as part of my preseason blueprint was to squeeze every last point out of each £1M 💷 invested in an asset. I’m drawn to the xJoy 😊 this faceoff – Vardy vs Ronaldo/Lukaku – could give me in the coming gameweeks, I’ll ruminate on it for a while. Is it too early to start seeking out differentials? 🤔

I have the most boring CHE double-up in defence, but you know, points per £M vs potential rotation. City defence will be the next evolution of the strategy, no surprise there! Ederson would be a surprise though, a thought that has been growing for a couple gameweeks now. The upcoming fixures for CHE, MCI and even Liverpool, really need to be weighed up against a medium term run of investing heavily in defence! 🤓

I’m going into LIVMCI with triple Liverpool assets! Madness! 🤪

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