I’m sure that we all know that things change, so, why is it that we’re resistant or even belligerently oblivious to the same? Fear? Ego? Unawareness of our propensity to lock into a “truth” and then remain blissful in our ignorance of the changeability of said “truth” is the real trap to be mindful of.

These first 5 gameweeks have reinforced one of the many preseason thoughts I had about the errs of my management last season, namely, adaptability. 🔄

This game will constantly challenge your preconceptions of teams and players. Things will change more often than remaining the same. If you are not versatile in discerning trends or at least pliable to what should be obvious, then you’ll repeatedly miss the gameweek points you could’ve gained. 📉

You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Yes, there is obviously a place for empirical data, but this must be married with the most recent trends to reveal the true current form and thus the immediate likelihood of an asset returning points, because as we know, past points will not elevate your rank, obviously.

Case in point, Crystal Palace. I don’t know how or even if they will soar, but what I do know, is that this convocation 🦅 is unlike any that went before, and so they should be re-evaluated accordingly. I should also realise that my current cognitive pathways are conditioned by the aforementioned empirical data related to this team and I must make adjustments for this until my perception realigns.

With a gameweek average of 53, this was one of those gameweeks where I feel you just have to hope that the overall spread of your team is robust enough to get you just enough points for your rank to survive. Luckily for me, my squad just about managed it, going 2 deep into my bench! Overall, my rank is 14k less than it was in GW1.

I’m good with that. Consistency.

Shout out to @FPL_Blonde for partly inspiring this blog entry.

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