It’s almost deadline for GW2.  The rush of excitement which is immediately tinged with apprehension once the countdown ends.  Jason reveals his WC on the live stream – then tinkers with it – in discussions with other managers.

A lesson in what not to do?

Whilst watching #BRICHE last week, I noted Lamptey, so now that I have Salah… 😍  I make a last minute change to my captaincy. 

Willian was my logical pick looking at stats and his points haul vs Fulham, but my heart wins out as Salah vs Alonso & Kepa is hilariously exciting!  Plus, can I really judge a captain pick on their display vs Fulham?! 😅

Discord watch-alongs are fun.  The emotions of FPL managers in real-time.  The banter.  The elation.  The resignation.  The wind-ups are my favorite though, closely  followed by the subliminal sabotage, they are competitors after all! 😁😇

On return from the skate-park (I’ll be feeling that fall tomorrow!) and the lad on “screen-time”, I check-out #LEEWBA with the crew in Discord “Hangouts”.  Klich – LEE £5.5M (9pts) is the hero of my afternoon!  Those of us who have him, revel in our shared elation.  Those who don’t, don’t! 😁 

Didn’t Jason tinker Klich out LIVE this morning?! 😆

Out of the 4 assets on my WC playing today.  There’s only a single return, yet, I’m more than happy with my team ☮✌🏿.  I know this is paramount in my management style.   When I’m not happy with my team, hits occur and historically, they’re mostly not to my benefit.

With the WC gone, brace yourself for the times when you won’t be! 😈

I’m in penultimate place in The Elite Invitational mini-league, Firetog being the one arse out of 76 others that I’m not staring at above me! 😄  I’ve asked him a few times this past week as to when he’ll play his WC.  You know, just looking out for his best interests.  Not that it matters much, his triple Liverpool defense got a CS today!  He’s left me floundering at League’s Bottom.

I’ve gotten rid of Wilson for Bamford as his price will rise tonight.  If you’d told me pre-season that I’d have triple Leeds in GW3, I’d have asked you for your dealer’s number! 

I was surprised to find out that Son had already gone down to £8.9.  He scored 4 goals today and is now also due a rise.  A tactical -4 Willian 🔄 Son has just been taken. I always planned to TF Willian out after WHU, just thought it would’ve been for Rodriguez or a Chelsea midfielder.  That said I don’t think Chelsea mids will  be a feasible option just yet.  CHE 0 – 2 LIV 😁!! Typically, Mane got both goals. 

I started GW1 with him.  It’s funny how FOMANE is not a thing.

Take note!


A known trait of my style is that I definitely pay attention to Team Value (or is it Squad Value?).  My GW38 TV last season was £108.5M!  In the latter stages of the season, good TV becomes a healthy advantage!  I need to be smarter with my speculating this season and find the correct balance between accumulating points & TV.  As of this morning, my TV is already £100.9M!  The price market is full-on this week and I don’t see it calming down anytime soon! My current squad is unachievable to many now, so overall, my squad is a differential in itself! Personally, this is a very important part of my season strategy, it’s something I realised early on in my still fledgling FPL management career. Building team value, especially in the opening weeks of the season, will have a lasting impact throughout the whole season, hence my -4 move for Son. That’s how much importance I feel is attached to it. £0.1M for a -4 hit. Sounds like madness, but I’m convinced of it’s worth in the long run. It’s a calculated gamble. Worst case scenario, I sell Son at purchase price. More likely however, with his upcoming fixtures, he’s purchased in droves by the multitudes and I jump off of him at his peak, banking at least £0.2M in the process.

The Monday Night Football got me returns from KDB & Jimenez, but, Mahrez didn’t move from the bench, so Saiss comes in with a 1 pointer in the #WOLMNC game.  Foden scored! I’m not worried, even though the last minute captain switch ended up a net zero difference as both Willian & Salah blanked! 54pts is an improvement on last weeks haul 😄 and I have a small green arrow. Also, I beat Aman Dhillon in the Elite FPL H2H League! Aman is a very good manager, I’m pleased, I’m 1 and 1, and…  I’m now directly below Firetog! It’s a funny old game.


His spot is waiting.

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