In preseason I made a few mental notes of patterns and assets I should avoid.  Yet, I sit here with 89pts from the first two gameweeks and Meslier as my GK, brought in on my WC.  Why is that?  What was the thought process at the time which convinced me to go from Ryan – a perfectly ok option – to Meslier, considering that they’d had 4 put past them at Anfield in the opener?!  Seriously, for the life of me, I cannot comprehend the thought process!  It’s now a transfer waiting to happen!  What a tool! 😜

I really should have made a written list of “not to dos” for continued reference!

We as humans are a community based species.  We like to be accepted, even those who are more introverted and reside at the “I hate people” end of the spectrum, still cannot shake their desire for connections, no matter what form that may take.  How does this innate attribute affect our decision making?  That desire to be part of the tribe.  It’s almost as if we’re pre-conditioned to herd mentality (we actually are, it’s primal survival instinct programming developed ever since we were either molded from dust or evolved from our pre-historic orgins).

How do I balance out “I’ve made my decision” tunnel vision, with the subconscious suggestions implanted by herd mentality?  How do I know that my logic was not contaminated at source?!  It runs contradictory to my default setting, as this means that once I’ve made my unshakable decision, I then need to second-guess myself to ensure that I truly have weighed up all the parameters, which in turn switches on another bug-bear of mine, indecisiveness.  I mean, FFS, how long does it take to decide between A & B anyway! 

Simply, I need to be aware that, despite my assumed total diligence, I’m pre-programmed to sabotage myself, and then compensate for it.  Continuation of this awareness will eventually result in a change to my default setting.  The development of  a “good habit” if you will.  

At the very least, I can own all the decisions made, as ultimately, I’ve made my own judgements – flawed as they may be – so I only have myself to laugh at!  Once the hysterics are done, I’m straight back to the analysis of what drove me to making these decisions and deciphering how to improve my cognitive processes in order to amass the points I should be getting.

Ha! You’re so full of it! 🤣

I’m not the type who beats myself up when things do not go according to my wishes.  I mean, I know from the start that a less than optimum result is always a possibility, and once the event is past, there’s really nothing to be gained from crying about it.  That is not to say that emotions can be ignored, but, do you control your emotions, or, do your emotions control you?!  I believe that in the moment, you make a decision (conscious or not) on how you’re going to react to any given situation.  My default is to release my frustrations, which range from a simple “Oh well” to walking away and doing something completely different  with no thought of the issue, returning to it later, by which point, my head is clear and the immediate emotions are gone.   It’s never good to address an issue when your thoughts are clouded by emotions, that’s a recipe for disaster!

Inevitably, FPL social media has stories of managers who like myself have not had the best opening two weeks, the voices in some of their heads questioning whether they should disembark from the ride. 

The question that came to me is, if you permanently walk away from a situation that is not going your way, as opposed to enduring, pushing through and turning said situation around, how will you improve your knowledge of self? 

I know that in the grand scheme of things, the game is trivial, but, it’s about building good habits and attacking even the little things, with the same ethos.  I guess it’s just the way I’m wired.  I see failure as a challenge, and I refuse to lose!  I mean even if I end up in excess of 1M OR, at least I’ve stayed the course to the bitter end.  There’s a triumph in that.  

Maybe I’m just sadistic! 😈

It helps that I have another innate trait.  I care not for the opinions of others.  I mean, we’re all molded by our experiences, from the time we become aware of ourselves, to this present moment as I type or you read this, and beyond.   Will all those experiences count for so little, that a passing comment from an essential stranger would carry enough weight to dismantle all those years of development which brought you to the person you are right now?!  

Like Fuck!  

In all of this pursuit to be better than those in your immediate social circle, leagues and ultimately, the world, what if your level is pre-ordained?

 Luck or not, can one really develop the skill required to beat them all?!

Bullish about my team, the deadline passes.  On the first day of games, only Digne (6pts, no CS) out of my 11 is scheduled to play.  It’s a good start.  

I’m away from the scores, enjoying the day.  Well into the afternoon, I quickly check-in. Chelsea are 3-1 down to WBA. 😂  I’m in tears, much to the confusion of the heathen around me.  This friend group do not follow football and are quite bemused at my joy! Unfortunately, said xJoy is tempered by FT.  Chelsea managed to achieve the draw.  Werner has blanked! My instinct to stay away from Chelsea assets, for now, paying off.

Yeah, and getting burnt by triple Chelsea in GW1 was not a factor, asshole?! 🤣

Anyway. Day 2, it’s Sunday morning, I’m up early, despite last evening’s frivolities with a slight head and full of anticipation! 8 assets play today, their results will define my gameweek. I’ve set my team for GW4.  The 1st game of today will see my 3 Leeds assets away to SHU at midday. 

You know earlier when I was praising my decision to get Meslier?!  Yeah, 10pts! 

Go me! 😅

Bamford scored & Klich got 1pt for the CS. Son was substituted at half-time.  Slightly annoying, but, I was really only ever in it for the money, to catch a rise, which I now have.  So my plans for Barnes and his b2b home games will happen.   Mahrez scores a screamer, at home vs LEI, in the 4th minute!  He won’t be 1.8% TSB for long, or will he?  Plans to roll the transfer if Son performed was a consideration, but it turns out Son has a hammy. Son 🔄 Barnes is done before 02:30hrs, just in case.  £0.1M banked.  My 💷 itb a healthy £2.0M, TV £99.0M.

Since when do WHU beat WOL 4-0?! Never expected Saiss/Jimenez to let me down!  I chalk it down to just a bad day for Wolves, both they and City (who lost 2-5 to Leicester) will both bounce back in their next respective matches for sure!

The third and final matchday of GW3 and I’m currently 9pts (accounting for the hit💉) above the average with Salah ©️ & Robbo to play.  It’s good, but there was room for much more.  The FPL Gods are a fickle bunch.  Bastards! The news of late fitness tests for Alisson & Thiago don’t help either! I love it though, being a Red on matchday with Salah ©️ 🤗. It’s what dreams are made of right?! 😅

An assist from my captain and a goal from Robbo.  No CS, but 62 (-4) to take me to a total of 147pts in a week where the average is 41pts!

I need to increase my average.

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