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It’s funny how I automatically apply methodical thinking to some activities and not others. I’m still deciphering the reasons as to why (I doubt that will be a finite process). This awareness is, for me, crucial to improving my FPL management. 

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the assets I want in my team, how much they cost, how this affects the structure of the team.  What’s the combined fixture lists of these assets, who has a hard or easy game, who can rotate, when to drop or bring in a player, plus a myriad of other considerations.  All well, good & proper actions I should take. Mitigation, upon mitigation. 

Check! 🙂

Up until not so long ago, mitigations covering all aspects except for one.  Me. So, with this awareness…

What traits do I have which will sabotage my season? 

I like shiny things. Explosive, exciting players with high ceilings, who inevitably come with an associated risk of costing a lot and going on barren spells while I’m waiting for the explosion, too scared to transfer them out!  That’s just one of my traits which could besiege me…

Shiny things could also be good things, surely?

Which traits do I have which will benefit my season?

Once my mind is set, I’m immovable and will take it on the chin (and in the ears in Discord chat) if it blows up in my face.  That’s the only one that comes to mind thus far.  This season will be a voyage of discovery to ascertain further positives…

Which all have a degree of sabotage, muhahahahahaha!

The voyage of self is a never ending journey and my state of mind will influence all that it processes, in the moment. 

I hope to temper this fact by increasing my awareness of self as the season progresses. Knowing that a decision made at any given moment may not be a decision I’d make at a separate moment and then attempting to understand why that is.  I will only reap the rewards of this internal discovery if I also ensure that all decisions made are based on my own processing as opposed to adoption of outside influences (with no processing at all!).  

In the end, maybe it’s not the question that needs to be deciphered, but the statement…

Who you are.

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