The Calm Before the Storm

International Break. Nice time to sit back and reflect on the big picture, take a breath and chill.  The -8 is so long ago now. Grealish & Son are sitting nicely in my midfield.  The free transfer from Jimenez to DCL continues to produce a calming effect.  Forget about the team for a bit. Recharge the batteries, de-stress. 


KDB isn’t just out, he’s “out-out!”  Another hit!#  -12.  


Toyed with the Salah – Mane double-up, but I can’t bring myself to invest that much in a derby match at Goodison, despite Liverpool’s two b2b home games afterwards.  Sterling?  Don’t really like a City team without DeBruyne.  Rodriguez would be the sane pick, but, long flight from south america, also playing in the derby (it’s utter madness that I still don’t own him!).  Pulisic.  £8.3M!  A punt? He’s fit, played 7mins (his only mins) as a late sub in their previous match.   That’s the one for me! 👌🏿  If he bangs it’s Points & Profit. 

I have no assets from either Manchester club in my FPL squad!  This is football, 2020 style.  Everything is topsy-turvy! Madness!  🤪

Am I devolving? I’m pitting chaotic management against the chaotic season we’re having.  I was trying to find order, but my gut says fuck order, even chaos has a pattern, find it!  If I embrace my inner Chaotician there’s a chance I can fight fire with “more fyah!” 😁  Nothing is truly random, unless you’re a quantum theorist. This is a totally bonkers approach, but, it really excites me.  Above all else, I believe games should be fun, this is how I get my FPL kicks!

Pulisic gets the armband!

Head pick was Son, influenced by stats, rage and the Bonkers robot. Over a million transfers in, he must be the captain pick this GW.  I should be sensible, but where’s the fun in that! 

I really wanted to start Brewster! 😭

I have pre-gameday bravado again, really optimistically caught up in my own cognitive justification.  Woe is me! 🤣 I’m hyped for the EliteFPL stream! 😛

LIverpool derby, 2-2. All 4 of my assets return! Amazing! I’m 14pts to the good. Hits?! Pah! 🤣 It’s nice to be finally involved with those DCL returns, he’s a points machine! Digne getting all 3 bones!

Captain blank on Pulisic. He didn’t get into the box enough for my liking, broke even on the hit though. Meh! 30pts (-12) = 18. 5 played.

Barnes hasn’t even kicked a ball yet this GW and I’ve already transferred him out, his two week disatrous punt has ended anyway, he blanked in both. I’m now finally a proud Rodriguez owner! I could’ve gone KDB to Rodriguez after all, as he got an assist (he was a consideration alongside Pulisic, but I thought 4 assets in the derby was already enough, who knew!?!).

Sometimes, firefighting can be ensuring that fires don’t start in the first place.

Sunday morning stream from Steve-O and I also hit the jackpot overnight, with 5 assets going up! 🤑 Eyes on Mitchell & Justin as starters, should I need to cash in.

The Lama Lounge’s Sunday Supplement… turns out, Brewster didn’t make the starting line-up! Thanks FPLBhuna, for talking me out of starting him ahead of Barnes.

Son, another asset I’m happy (finally!) to be getting points from, for the 2nd time of getting him in! I really should have kept the armband on him! Kane (I never played FPL when Kane was last a “must have”) an asset I’ve had a mental block on, I honestly can’t remember a time I’ve owned him! He’s certainly bulldozed his way into my immediate plans! What an absolutely fabulous match! Spurs drawing 3-3 after being 3-0 up before half-time! Cresswell 👀 WHU DFs, they are not to be ignored, a team who will dig in and also have the ability to come back against the form team, definitely need to feature in my line up! Lanzini screamer in the dying moments of the match! This is why we watch this game, for matches like this!

Jorginho is the highest scoring Chelsea midfielder. When did that happen?!

So, this -12. KDB (0) 🔄 Pulisic (4); Mahrez (3) 🔄 Son (13); Klich (2) 🔄 Grealish (3).

Let’s hope GW6’s hits go as well. #HitSquad 😂