Halloween History: Samhain

Muhahaahahaaa… so about rolling my GW7 FT. 😄 The FPL Gods have handed the reigns to their version of Atë and she is an evil trickster of epic proportions! I love her! 😈

Digne got a red card for an innocuous challenge so I had to bring his planned transfer forward a week. I was methodical as opposed to reactive for a change, which resulted in bringing in a player who although featured in the stats perused when scouting players, had not yet made my watchlist, Ben Chilwell. I was more focused on a WHU or AVL DF due to their defensive stats plus upcoming fixtures, Cresswell being the most likely candidate. It’ll be interesting to track and compare the returns of these two defenders over the coming GWs.

When you release ego and stop trying to dictate to the darkness, a sense of clarity can be found. With this clearer perspective there’s a chance you can attune your thoughts to the harmony of chaos.

With dimensions about to collide, Atë is mischievously chaotic in the extreme, but, she still has a plan, however evilly abstract it may be. Her Dastardly Digne Red a ploy to drag me back into the Void. However, this Hallow’s Eve coincides with a Hunter’s Moon and I’m a selenophile, my clarity maxed like some wronged blood-bender!!

Rodriguez drips yellow like an old spectre of impending doom floating above the green acid sea. Ghouls still taunt me for willingly succumbing to Ate’s initial trick. A spell cast on the Sirens who enchanted me into Jorginho’s Hell, away from the golden shores of Bamford, where 17 tables of banquet were laid to usher in this dark half of the season. Yet, this fleetingly subtle melding of dimensions beneath the reflected light holds no fear.

Chaos in and of itself, still has to operate within the confines of chaos, so naturally, a pattern emerges.

The thing with this season is, nothing is what it seems. What we know as reliable structure no longer exists. The rules of engagement are void. For instance…


I have no idea of the mind behind this team, but even if it was a -44 to change every starter, 51pts in GW6 would still be a haul!😄 Obviously -44s are folly, however this team serves to simply display that as chaotic as the selection is, you can still find harmony, however fleeting (this is chaos after all!), in the moment.

-4s seem to be my goto though, even when I attempt to avoid! It must’ve been a premonition, or maybe with the thinning of the veil between worlds, I pre-empted Atë’s next trick. I took a hit 💉 (before the presser) for Rodriguez 🔄 Foden blunting her “surprise”. This must’ve vexed her! She sent her minions out, resulting in a Saiss no-show for a Wolves CS, a benched Jorginho (1st sub) AND Foden!! The latter made a 9 min cameo! I had to laugh, even through being 3pts in the red!!

I’ve countered her evil chaos with my own though…

Saiss 🔄 Kilman

Jorghino 🔄 Ziyech 💉

Paid £7.9 for Ziyech, turning her anger to my advantage as he’s now £8.0 & I would’ve been £0.1M out had I dallied! 😈 The final battle of wills between us will manifest on what Justin returns as my Saiss auto-sub.

Trick? Or Treat!!

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