GW30 Starting Rank: 1.34M

I must admit, stats weigh heavy in my decision making, especially when those stats are consistent for a sustained period of time. With this on mind, I went into this gameweek feeling a bit pompous about my Triple Chelsea Defence: MendyAzpilicuetaRüdiger. I could already see the 18pts they’d give me. I was so confident, I put the armband on Azpilicueta! I was expecting to go into the 2nd match of GW30 already on a haul!

“A dead cert.” Is something that is definitely going to happen, like taxes, death, and WBA not putting 5 goals past a defence I’m still waiting to get points from! Rüdiger was rested, luckily. Typically, after 9 clean sheets in their previous 12 PL matches, they decide to concede 5 goals in the 13th match of this run, when I start 3 in defence for the 1st time, (actually any Chelsea defensive asset for that matter!). #sodslaw 😈 I’ll be starting all 3, again, in GW31 away to Crystal Palace. #GoBigOrGoHome 😁

So, 1st match of the gameweek and I’m on a hiding to nothing! 😄 No assets in the #LEESHU match, but I’m glad there’s no CS for either team, as this helps soften the rank drop! #LEIMCI I check my phone to realise that neither Stones nor Gündogan started! So, no points in that match either!! 3 no shows + 2 nil pois returns from 5!! It’s been a good afternoon rehearsing with the band though. 😎🔊🎶🎙🎹🥁🎸🎸 On the way home, TalkSport informs me that Jota hasn’t started – I took a hit to drop Bale for him! Can things get any worse for my starting 11?! 🤔😏🤭 I’m currently on 1 for 5 (-8)!!! 😳😂

Jota comes on in the 61st minute, 2 goals later, he’s delivered 12pts! Glad I took that hit, as Bale made a 5 minute cameo appearance! Odegaard, there was a reason he was 3rd bench, has 2pts pending for me on auto-sub. 14 (-8) for 6. The rank drop is in the hundreds… of thousands. 😐 ☀️Easter Sunday☀️, the weather is sweet and “eggs” are hidden, found, then hidden again, because it’s fun!! 😁 During all this sun & laughter, followed by a hearty Easter Sunday dinner, Kane has returned 13pts and Watkins has 7 bench points waiting to be tallied! Bruno returns me 5pts in the evening match, and I’m starting to see chances, however faint, of miraculously achieving a green arrow! 🤞🏿

So, Matchday 3. This is it. 2 games, 3 assets. DCL does nothing, there’s a reason why he’s 1st bench, and that’s more because of my non-belief in the Palace defence than faith in DCL returns! He’s on the chopping block anyway, I’ve held him for far too long! Since my WC in GW20, 43 for 12. Just not good enough. Only JLingZ & Cresswell can save me! 1 CS in their last 6 now, I’m gonna have to keep an eye on this, Cresswell’s spot in my squad could be vulnerable. JLingZ though, season keeper! They combine to deliver 13pts, only 1 of which is from the defender! Only a clean sheet would’ve truly saved me from…

I got away with a 35k red arrow! Luck, decent squad, bit of both… whatever, I’ll take it! The bigger problem is, I got to 1.3xM OR in GW25… and I’m hovering… the red arrows have been more common of late, as well as the hits. 7 in 6 GWs, it could be 9 in 7 the way my plans are going! 🤭

GW30 Closing Rank: 1.37M – Not the best start to my Endgame, but, it could’ve been worse! On to the next.

GW31, forging ahead with the planned ethos. 😁 #LETSGO!!!

“Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time! I’m having a Ball!”

Freddie Mercury