So, yeah, I get it, honestly I do. The game (well at least in the EPL) will boycott all social media for the duration of gameweek 34. From 3pm on Friday 30th April to 11.59pm on Monday 3rd May . This step, although commendable, is for me, tinged by despair.

Despair that there is no unified groundswell of unanimous and spontaneous tribalism of the final straw kind, like that which we saw develop within hours of the supposed and now “dead” European Super League. That happened literally in hours!!!

Bamford sums it up succinctly…

So don’t tell me that we as fans, clubs, managers and governing bodies, et-al, don’t have the power to change the game!? I just witnessed it!

I saw Chelsea, Spurs & Arsenal fans… Liverpool, United & City fans, immediately coordinating a common-purpose approach to defy Big-Money!! It was done with a fervent passion, by tribes that usually wouldn’t dream about coming together!

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You see for those of the initial generations born in the UK, whose parents or grandparents were not, we were conditioned to the extent that generally, we shrugged our shoulders and moved on, accepting the undercurrents of the status-quo, in the main.

However, when faced with the Super League response, you can understand why initially, many see it as a right smack in the face. The young ‘uns are not conditioned to the extent of older generations, if at all! They’re the new breed and they’re not having it! Their response is anger & frustration, which is also where many of us oldies eventually arrive!

WE want action now!! (and rightly so!)

This is pissing the fuck out of the old guard who are used to the response of us oldies who used to generally, take it on the chin.

I genuinely put my hands up to these young ‘uns, quietly disappointed in my own acceptance ofWell, that’s just the way it is…“.

I mean, why should the younger generations conform the way previous generations have?! I’m sure as hell not teaching my son to turn the other cheek!

We all need to keep society moving, right?!!!

Chelsea 'alerted to racist fan in 2014' | Sport | The Sunday Times

It’s never been acceptable, and after ALL this time, as a 70s baby, our offspring are still ripe to receive this shit entering the 6th following decade?! And, still I hear people complaining more about players taking the knee, over and above the issue they’re highlighting?!

Nah, fuck that shit!

As the late and great Bunny Wailer said… “Rise…“!

#NoRoomForRacism ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

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