I’m all for making a point. Having endured The Shit Show of Statler & Waldorf (aka Hicks & Gillet) who where well on their way to bankrupting our club, I feel a camaraderie with United supporters in respect of The Glazers. That said, breaking into the ground immediately undermines the point being made.

Flipping it again however, the fact that in the end, the game was postponed, has played havoc with the fixture schedule, (probably not what Utd need right now) and must’ve also affected the revenue stream, at least temporarily, for all of the leeches involved! So a message has been delivered! Much like the two muppets pictured directly above were, the Glazers are also parasites!

To my delight though, as I’ve said before, I revel in Chaos!! It turned into carnage for many FPL managers who own Man Utd or Liverpool, not to mention City and Chelsea assets! 🤣

I’ve seen squads up to 6 assets deep for this game and I’m sure they’ll be an avalanche of hard luck stories come the end of the GW34 Blackout. To accompany this, RĂ¼diger was injured, with Pep & Tuchel rotating nigh all their defensive options! This has left managers with anything up to 8 assets, not returning a single point! “UNLUCKEEEY!!” 😁

But, that’s not all!! Kane blanked! In a match where Bale scored a hat-trick, and Son got a goal and an assist (with another goal marginally called offside)! If you capped an option from ManU/Liverpool?! #InTheMud!! 🤘🏿🤣

Now all of this may have added up to working in my favour, as my “break all the rules” uninhibited closing strategy continues. Naturally, going into the now BGW34 😯, a single hit 💉 (-4) was never going to cut it! 🤣

Instinct warned me I’d have a defensive headache, even before the RĂ¼diger injury news, so when that particular news greeted me on Friday morning, well… another hit 💉 and Welcome! Castangne (2pts. Net -2)! 😄 It could’ve been Stones 🔄 Cancelo, but, City don’t have a double-gameweek and the triple Chelsea defence has run its course.

Leicester held the clean-sheet until the 61st minute. Which is a minute beyond when the clean-sheet points get added, right?! You couldn’t make it up! 🤣 The way the gameweek had gone up till now, it was no surprise when my cap choice, Matheus Pereira, blanked. Alas, Wolves huffed & puffed in the Black Country derby, yet Pereira returned less than my bus team captain choice of Iheanacho (he just keeps delivering!). I’ve ended up with a 60k rank drop to 1.29M.

At least I’m not back at the 1.3xM mark! 😁 I’m going to console myself with double Liverpool defence and pop my BB Chip to reinvigorate my xJoy!

Like, why the hell not! #fastandloose with the now obligatory double-hit! #norules 💉💉😁

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