This season to date, for me and many others, has been a horror show.

Much like a jigsaw, we’re all continually trying to find the right pieces to paint the picture we like. Sifting through the ever changing shapes and sizes is an intriguiging challenge, requiring a dynamism as equally engaging as it can be frustrating.

My frustration, manifested itself as a number of hits, to piece together the corners of the picture. These cornerstone assets which represent value and a medium to long-term shelf-life are invaluable in achieving and maintaining a clear perspective of The Game. The alternative is a constant state of flux which inevitably leads to bad decision making, infinitum, if you don’t check yourself! To this effect, you may baulk at the thought of double-digit costing hits, but, the long term benefit outweighs the immediate shortfall… as long as the correct pieces are selected that is!

With this in mind, I took a deep dive into how I’ve played the game up to and including GW7 this season…


281pts (£98.7M)

If I made no transfers to the GW1 team, selecting my best captain every week.

28pts (7 hits 💉)

Taken to date, having also played my WC! Which in hind-sight was not played as well as it could’ve been.

320pts (£103.5M)

Current points incl. 3 ©️ returns, the highest of which being 16pts in GW7.

Net Gain: 39pts

The deduction I take from this is basically how important hitting the captaincy each week is… and how disastrous my GW1 squad was!!

The problem with being on the back foot from the get-go is the need to be tooled up every gameweek (the hits I took)! You have to keep pace with the pack ahead – or at least try – by ensuring you have the highly owned shield 🛡 picks (e.g: Heung-Min Son, 60% owned!!). Alongside these shields, you need to also attack the game with sword 🗡 picks. Having consolidated my defensive positioning against the pack with multiple shields, this week (GW8) I transferred in Ziyech (only 7% owned) & capped him!🗡🗡

If you’re good at anticipating the game, it leaves nothing to chance.

This is the game we play. Anticipation of which assets will be of most purpose to our tally of points. When to acquire them, use them, and then dump them, unceremoniously. You see, this jigsaw is a complex landscape, the pieces morphing from picturesque harmony to bloody disjointedness right before our eyes. Our teams will soar or drown by the decisions we make. Our elation or sorrow is that of our own making, we control the ultimate outcome.

The stage of the game is approaching which could ultimately outline what the completed puzzle will display. The festive season may seem just far away enough right now, but, it’s the passing combinations of pieces collected and discarded during this period which will heavily determine the final depiction of The Game.

Make your choices.

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