So, what’s new? Do you even ask yourself!? Do you need to?

Well fuck me!! It’s about time!!

I was bored AF over here! 😁

I know I’ve touched on this before, but I need to drive this home. We are creatures of unintentional automated habit. It’s so freaking natural we don’t realise it. We never give it thought without deliberately doing so, or until we’re in such a predicament that we have no other choice but to!

Freedom of expression.

Maverick. What does that mean really? It’s (somehow) associated with recklessness, which immediately conditions you to be more conformist, because conformity is good, comfortable, it doesn’t rock the boat, is easily controlled and we can all exist happily in the herd, keeping everyone else safe in the known & accepted.

Aren’t you dying from suffocation by boredom yet?! 😁

Why is it, that in the main, although we know it’s those who step out that step up, we still allow ourselves to let that knowledge lie dormant, as opposed to acting on it. What if we substitute the term “Maverick” with the word progressive. Would this make it easier to contemplate and adopt?

Either way it’s the same thing, just get on with it!!

Each new season is presented with new parameters, so although empirical knowledge has undoubted value, to move forward married to the old without also appreciating the crucial need to explore, define, apply and continously develop new methodical theories and strategies, will only keep you comfortably in and around the herd. Oh joy!! 😏

Abandon fear all ye who enter here!

Castoreum- Canadian Beaver Castor Tincture - Apothecary's Garden

It’s time to step away from being so “Beaver Castoreum” (i.e vanilla – I suggest you Google it! 😂). The 1st step is to simply let go of fear, I mean, in this case, what’s the worse that can happen? What? Your mate is gonna rib you for a week? You’ll loose a few 100k in rank, maybe more? Is that really so detrimental to the big picture? Grow some, both the proverbial testes as well as putting yourself to the test which in itself promotes growth. If you can’t do this with an essentially inconsequential game, then where can you?!! Continous development of your approach (to literally anything) demands this. With fear gone, you actually realise that growth is fun!

The 2nd step (also something I’ve touched on before) is noticing the habits you don’t know you have! How do you recognise something that you don’t notice? This could be a whole blog entry on it’s own, but as I said before, we’re habitual creatures, so trust me, you have them! What makes them more noticeable however, is daring to step out of your echo-chamber, doing so will inevitably subject you to triggers. You may already have triggers, anger at your GW results, perma-captain-blanks, frustration, feelings of negativity or just plain boredom! How you react to these triggers is crucial to the development of your problem management. Yes, it can be scary, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life has no time for shrinking-violets, she’ll chew them up and spit them out! You will initially have setbacks, and may even perform worse than when you were in the safety of herd-mentality but this is the essence of un-learning and learning anew.

See yourself as an architect of a grand design. Whilst you’re at ground-level amongst the detail it’s almost impossible to see the whole picture of your project. What you need to do is step back and take a birds-eye view. Levitate yourself above the detail and take in the full view of what you’re trying to build. Up where the air is clear you’ll unclutter your mind, process the information around you from both old & new sources, incorporating your own ideas as well, it is your project after all! Do not fall into the habit of dismissing any information you hear, at least process it even if it is ultimately discarded. Once you’ve identified the defects (from your lofty perch), descend back into the detail and apply the newly honed knowledge. Keep repeating this cycle, even when things start going well, as the ultimate goal is to make this new school of thinking, habitual.

You never know what nuggets of brilliance you’ll form from information you never considered!

Leave your echo-chamber where only being reactive exists. Challenging yourself promotes proactivity. This will give you the confidence to trust your thoughts. Know that there are many, many ways to play the game, no one way is best, all strategies have optimum and inferior moments. Question everything, even after you’ve deliberated it and are sure of your current plan!

How else will you create that yearly OR history we all strive for?!

Fuck Yeah! Now we’re talking!😈

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