It’s inevitable that the universe will do what the universe does. Is this not life?! How you react to the universe will depend on a myriad of things revolving around your experiences to date and how they have culminated in your hardwiring.

Preparedness can play a huge factor in your reactions, to the point where your equanimity allows you to stare back at the abyss, with no rush of blood to the head, but instead, clear and cool thought of mind.

Readiness does not necessarily need to be tangible, the hypothetical will do. In the absence of either of these, the ability to keep your zanshin will masterfully navigate you through the never-ending barage of new gameweek issues.

During this Irritable Belligerence of injuries, psuedo-injuries, positive CV19 results, dancing and… (drinking? 🍾), travelling, pointless and/or boring matches, inexplicable batterings (6-0!! 😳) and limp defeats, the toing & froing within the community has been a voyeuristic delight! 😁 Free transfers, minus 8s, minus 12s, Free Hits, price-falls, price-rises, “I’ll cap this player if…”, “I couldn’t give a shit…”, passive aggressive bullying, reminiscing of a time before monetising, “I’m thinking of leaving…”, exetera, exetera. It has been a 2 week cacophony, a veritable symphony of chaos and the sublime.

I do hope this trend continues for the next International Break in March, as the previous ones were utterly dull by comparison! 😝

So, here we are, about to chart our courses into the busiest and bestest part of the season. 8GWs over the next 6 weeks, immediately followed by the blank & double gameweeks, when we’ll arrive in GW20 with our ships either intact, in varying degrees of repair or ready for the knacker’s yard!

Luckily, I’ve emerged from the International Break with less of a Festival of Lights in my squad than many. A single flash of blood on my bench contaminated by the evil virus. At present the aim is to leave him there. I’m following my plan and my gut (miraculously aligned!) on this one. It is why I invested in such a strong bench after all. A minor irritation being rumours that Ricardo may be back sooner than I anticipated, which could be a threat to Justin.

I really need to sort those goal keepers out! Both of them. 😭

So Universe… what’s next?! 😈

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