Why 2017 told us that Online Poker is Here to Stay

Is it the unannounced arrival of the moment that you wait for, or is it something you foresee and then seize when the time arrives? This, at least for me, is the lesson of GW9 and I can definitely say, I miscalculated.

Immediate or even eventual recognition of, combined with the ability to own your errors, is a trait fast deminishing in the world around us.

As the song says, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…”. How do we anticipate and recognise the moment though? Therein lies the skill (or lack of). That said, we all have the capacity to be phenomenal, there’s no obstacle that mankind has ever faced that someone hasn’t tackled head on and then excelled. Retrospection followed by application of the lessons learnt, is the foundation of conquering any obstacle faced. The willingness to acknowledge your shortcomings and not be defeated by them. Perfection is but a word, not an actual state of being. We strive for perfection, which is highly commendable and should always be your goal. However, do not become downhearted when perfection is not attained, because, to be human, is to be imperfect and I don’t see any of us becoming more than human anytime soon. 😄

In this game, the most we can expect is to have more green arrows, than red. Red arrows are an inevitablity, so, we go again. Put the disappointment aside and take the lesson with you, as taking the former will only hinder or even stunt your performance in the gameweeks ahead. Hindsight is a tool which provides clarity for forward movement, the accompanying disappointment can, if you want, actually be a spur which pushes you forward. Continued application of this cognitive approach will ultimately allow you to hone your timing and thus the seizing of the opportune moments.


A constant in the game which none of us have control over. Sometimes the Universe will fuck you straight in the arse 🍆 and you simply have to take it like a man/woman (well, it’s not like both sexes don’t!🤣). Naturally, you’ll be sore for a bit, but, you’ll get over it, ready for the next rogering whenever it comes. It can be inadvertantly fortuitous (a scored penalty retake giving your asset an attacking return) or frustratingly maddening (a 2nd minute injury, or 89th min loss of a clean sheet). The point is, it happens to us all and in the main is evened out in the long run.

Ego will tell you that it was your decision which awarded you a moment of fortune. If this is your stance, then surely when chance doesn’t go your way, it’s of your own making as well, right?! Well, sort of. It’s either luck or, “UNLUCKEEEYYYY!”😆 Enjoy it when you get it, suck it up when you don’t. Either way, it’s not completely of your own making. But, “You make your own luck!” I hear you say. This is myth, of sorts.

The optimistic mind interprets fortune as good luck, the pessimistic mind, as bad luck. An optimistic person tends to be someone who will take more chances, and thus exposes themself to a greater possiblity of things going their way, hence the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. A pessimist, because they expect things not to go their way, does not make as many ventures, if at all. This lessens their exposure to opportunities, then when the inevitable bad thing happens, they say, why always me?!

Of course, again, you cannot discount the randomness of the Universe, sometimes you go on a bad run, no matter your default mindset. Just remember, it could always be worse and the opposite, going on a good run, is also a possiblity. Yin & Yang.

So, keep going, what do you really have to lose? You’re going to win some and/or lose some, no matter what! At the very least, taking the chance will build your confidence and when it goes right, you’ll be able to revel in your good fortune. This in turn will help you to take misfortune in your stride and move on to the next.

Simplez! 😹

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