In pre-season, I adopted “IV. The Plan, a blog entry containing a blue print which formed the foundations of my approach to FPL management this season (I was determined to have some form of progression this season!). This entry followed on from some hindsight in III. The Voices: Flashback 19/20, where I reminisced on a potential weakness which could sabotage The Plan, as the weakness itself was possibly part of my inescapable “Style“.

Being aware of one’s own susceptibility is vital to success.” (III. The Voices: Flashback 19/20)

This susceptibility, where I’m drawn to an inability to resist “shiny things” would have me continuously scrambling in a mindset of grass is greener for any select premium asset which I do not currently have in my squad. Now, as fate would have it, I ended up playing my WC in GW2 due to how disastrous my points “haul” 😄 was, alongside the realisation that my GW1 squad picks were even worse! This afforded me an increase in team value of £1.5M by GW4. It quickly dawned on me, that the early GWs were ripe for building team value (a standard of each season I’m now aware). I’ve kept an eagle eye on ever since and wherever it fits the plan, I use it to my advantage!

This has brought me to a place of indulgence! Due to an unmitigated disaster, an immediate change of tact and recognition of a benefit of that change, my team value and bank balance is very pleasant indeed!

I have obtained The Holy Trinity* of Shiny Things! No need to up-chase or do the hokey-cokey! All the while hardly compromising the rest of my squad, which holds other less expensive, yet still high quality gems.

Salah: The Father of FPL points. 795 in his last 3 full seasons, setting the current record of 303pts in his first season with Liverpool! Averaging 8.4pts in his 10 PL appearances thus far. Can we just put the Salah debate to bed & move on?!

Kevin De Bruyne: Arguably the best midfielder in the world. The Son who prevented The Father from achieving the hat-trick of being FPL’s highest points asset in consecutive seasons, by collecting 251pts (compared to Salah’s 233) as City’s magnificent midfield maestro!

Bruno Fernandes: Spirited into the PL on the 30th of January this year! To date, 24 Appearances; 15 Goals; 11 Assists; 197pts! (avg. 8.2pts). No one is essential, but you’ll have a mild panic every GW if you don’t own him!

I’m still well off the pace and it really wasn’t down to the love of money. It was about not paying enough attention to captaincy choices. Owning these three should address that! At least until one, if any of them, start to lose their lustre. Wilson, a raw, rough diamond to be cut & polished at the hands of Bruce. His stats make him worthy of investment for me. Hopefully he’s not a short-term trade, as I refocus on defensive gems.

KDB, the final most coveted stone. A rare blue diamond added to my midfield courtesy of a well above average team value. It’s typical that upon acquiring the full set, 2 of them will be compared against each other in the Manchester Derby. Hopefully they’ll both shine, while I put the armband on Salah.

As for the two white diamonds which have been recut and polished to reveal their quality like never before?! 👀

This is going to be a problem… 😅🤤

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*I heard this phrase on the WGTA podcast.