The importance of you are what you think cannot be stressed enough! Your state of mind will and does pervade throughout 100% of every single thing that you do, whether you are aware of it or not.

Back in III. “Who are you?” I touched on this as being the question we should be mindful to ask ourselves from time to time in order to ascertain and understand the fact that we all are defined by past and new experiences which occur in our lives. These never ending occurances continously make adaptations to the current version of “Who you are.”

The ability to see ourselves is made much easier by embracing a modicum of schizophrenia. 😆

Stay with me here. 🤓

We all have an inner voice. That voice may have at one point been the person who held the most influence in shaping your young innocent mind. Your mum, dad, etc. (in my case, my nan). As you progress to adulthood, at some indeterminate moment, that voice changes into your own.

We actually do speak to ourselves. 🙂

These conversations that we have with ourselves are the most valuable expenditure of our cognitive time. We are constantly and exhaustively bombarded by external competitors for our cognitive time. Media of all variances influencing our views, in addition, family, work, obligations, personal goals, pleasure, are amongst the many other things that can dominate our brains. As this input of data occurs, we are changing, adapting, growing (or regressing) and possibly not even really noticing the effect it all has on our cognition!

In being invited to write this blog, I never envisioned how valuable vomiting my thoughts into type would be, combined with the ability to occasionally go back and review, digest and re-evaluate my state of mind in that specific moment.

The point is, I believe that it is very important that we incorporate reoccurring moments which are 100% ours alone (social withdrawal). In these moments, however brief they may be, have a word with yourself. Let your inner voice flow, it will allow you to find your own clarity. In these moments when you are “unplugged” from everything, see yourself, (hallucination), converse with yourself, you will ever steadily become more aware of self. Pay your cognition some time where it is not subjected to any outside occurance. These moments of awareness are – in my opinion – your most valuable asset and should be given the time it not only deserves, but absolutely needs!

When you build clarity you begin to realise that clearness of thought is a never ending process, simply because the aforementioned “occurances” also never end and thus our growing, changing and adaptions follow suit, forever incrementally changing the version of you. Being aware of this is inextricably and directly linked… to our decision making processes!

Aren’t you glad you stayed with me! 😁

Is this game, which engrosses us, anything else but a production line of decision making? If so, is it not beneficial that we continuously ensure that we at least seek to maintain some level of efficiency to the infrastructure which drives said decision making processes? Is it not important to simply, look after your true self, your inner self? Do you know who that is? The objective analysing of self is a way to gain understanding of who you are, and as this understanding develops, your production of thought is streamlined and better decisions are the result.

Better decisions, equals points. 😈

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