Football in goal

It’s funny how they’re not so dissimilar to the goals you already have. Maybe it’s not really a new goal, or goals, that you resolve to pursue, it’s probably just a refocus of effort towards the goals that you’ve allowed to lapse, didn’t start last New Year or the few before then! 😆 At midnight🎆, I like to just tell myself to do better – at everything – and then have another drink!🍾

New goals however are a real thing that I need in my squad, or, goals from new assets to be exact. Having bought some fresh blood💉💉💉, I can monitor how the additions will contribute to the continuous pursuit of points over the coming gameweeks (as they certainly didn’t do anything for me in the GW just gone!). The historical data rang true, hits when your captain doesn’t haul = Red Arrow! That said, the pressing issue of the moment is the immediate return of new goals from new assets over a single-gameweek points bender🍻, never to be seen again once the session is ended🥴! The Free Hit! 🆓️💉

The key to achieving a/or multiple new goal(s), is to start small. Set achievable goals, you have to scale the foothills before you can conquer the mountain! Break the resolution down into bitesized portions and focus on one bit at a time, moving at a comfortable pace. Changing your mindset and building momentum takes time! It can take from 2 to 8 months to build and implement a new habit. Challenge yourself to last past February!💪

I originally always aimed to FH18, then the fixtures changed a bit, and I thought of saving it🤔, but I may have come full circle, as maybe a decent score can be achieved. Also, I know a few people who don’t have their FH and I want to crush them!😈💀 Furthermore, this game is about fun😃, it’s a chance to achieve max xJoy🤗 bonus points!! I’ll make the final decision dependant on what I know come the afternoon of Tuesday 12th Jan, and then move accordingly. Until then, I’ll happily tinker away with potential FH teams, having gone through 50 variations at least before the deadline! 😂 Haven’t you always wanted to put together a forward line of Kane, Kun & Martial! This frontline should definitely deliver new goals by the bucketload, right?! OK, may Kun is a step beyond, form would say that Kane, Martial & Laca are the 3, but, what about Wilson vs the hapless defence of SHU?! I actually believe that bar cancellations and/or the need for players to isolate, the 6 BGW fixtures have the capacity to produce points on par with any other gameweek should you play your selections right!


The timing of this BGW18 couldn’t be any better! As FPL managers we’re given ample time to plan a strategy 🧐which will define – or at least provide a marker – as to whether your set goal(s) is/are achievable. The year will only be 2 weeks old by the end of BGW18 and you’ll already have a bearing on how great or useless your year is likely to be, once LiveFPL has stopped crashing 😄 (don’t get it twisted LiveFPL admins, we love your site, you know this)! What was funny in Discord, was getting pulled up by Vince on my -12💉💉💉, when I’ve been waxing lyrical about “standing still” and “patience”… Well, when has anyone ever taken their own advice, huh?! 😂😂😂 On a serious note, there is a time for everything… rigid flexibility is the key! 😜😂🤣. It’s the timing⏱ that I’m yet to master!

Let me comment on the “if“s and “but“s alongside the “88pts… 5 to play plus captain… is this good!?” statuses that seem to have been a feature of GW17. Now, I could whine about Cancelo losing his CS at the death, Vardy only getting an assist, Salah and Robbo doing Sweet FA! I could also comment on FPL managers having the gaul to celebrate a points haul after deliberating over their decisions for days prior to the deadline…

I’m here to tell ya, we’re all different and we express ourselves how we see fit. If we’re not physically or verbally abusing someone, then there really is no problem. If freedom of expression triggers you, then maybe FPLTwittersphere is not the place for you?! I mean, Jesus! WTF did you miss in the definition of “PUBLIC FORUM”! Whine and moan if you want, celebrate and gloat if you want, express yourself freely!! Better out than in, is what I say! The reader has a choice to ignore, scroll-on, or stop, read and comment, that’s on them, not you! Oh, also, I came across the term “thirsty guy” in the past couple of days… let me speak to the men out there. Don’t be a fuckin douche! Like, seriously?! WTF is that all about anyway?! We’ve all got sisters, mothers, female friends or even daughters! Just because The Lady is an unknown face across the internet, does not mean she doesn’t deserve the same respect! Be a Gentleman for Christ’s sake!

Ok, rant over. 😆

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