Dinnery vs Dread

It’s the start of the EliteFPL Super Cup!! In this, my first match of the group stage, it’s Dinnery vs Dread!! But, first…

BGW18, FH Chip played as part of my plan to gain some much needed ground on the pack. I’m past the all the cars now and the only thing between me and the rear of the peloton is a short empty stretch of road! 🚴‍♂️ It’s been a steady climb to get here, but I can finally see the pack ahead! My pre-FH squad would’ve returned 26pts, my FH team returned 52pts. Maybe, saving the FH for later in the season would’ve allowed for a more profitable points return… maybe it wouldn’t! Who knows!? 🤷🏿‍♂️ Right now, I’m happy with the 500k rank rise 📈. Oh, did I mention that my Foden punt paid off handsomely! 😊

Having restructured my team in GW17, I emerge from the FH with a team setup to attack the coming GWs. The main change being, price structure. The ability to accommodate a premium striker. My gut says, be ready!

I wanted a starting lineup of 11 DGW assets, but, somethings are beyond control, I’m not going to use further transfers to make this happen. Instead, I’m rolling the transfer and using this DGW as a scouting mission in order to ascertain which teams/assets are looking like hitting a run of form… Robbo & Liverpool, getting particular interest as to whether they’re worth the £7M investment when compared to cheaper defenders.

So, we’re halfway through the season. Where am I now in my quest to improve my FPL management? Well, there is improvement, mostly in planning and utilising my own cognitive deliberations in all strategic decisions (I’ve had 3 red arrows since GW7, for me, this is huge!). This is not to say I do not listen to content creators and/or fellow managers, I just don’t take anything at face value, all consumed data is subject to relatively prolonged comparison, processing and evaluation through my own prism. Then I act accordingly.

2 days of fixtures have gone (shout out to Firetog & SemiSweetPotato, as the Super Cup spreadsheet is a work of art!! (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11QQ5Ji1xXUmaH-F2FLKcf2YR1MRkf1gWEGi7kQmUIpA/edit?usp=drivesdk) and after a slow start, from being bottom of Group I yesterday on 6pts, I’m now 3rd on 54pts. 21pts from Stones 👀, putting me 15pts ahead of Ben, where I was 6pts behind yesterday.

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I brought in Vardy for the double up until Leicester play Fulham in GW22. His hip problem bothers me though. Is this the season that age finally catches up and the #VardyParty goes from being a full-on late 80s rave, to a CV19 era party in an care home with Jelly & Ice-cream?! 😁 I have 2FTs, much thought will be processed on where to improve, between now and the GW20 deadline.

So, the value of not being hasty with my transfers, which has been a consistent theme this season, has shown it’s worth. At present with just one more match of DGW19 left to play, the news of KDB’s injury, the confirmation that Liverpool’s issues are not fleeting, plus the underlying feeling that a shift in the FPL “Force” is imminent, my thinking of how to utilise my 2FTs has changed and morphed into many different plans & options. Then… this morning – minutes ago actually – I had a rush of blood and fell into an old habit that I’ve not quite completely tamed! 😄 haha… I just have to have balance, my zodiac sign (they say) demands it, patience married with recklessness, conformity with rebellion… #ThisIsMyWay

💉💉 HITS!!!!! #breakthetemplate 🧨 🧨

Salah 🔄 Maddison; KDB 🔄 Gündogan💉; El-Ghazi 🔄 Grealish💉; Adams 🔄 Antonio

Will the 3rd time be a charm? Everytime I take more than a -4 hit 💉, I end up on a red arrow! This time will be different! #addict 😁😄🧨 2 things with these transfers. I’ve gone back to Grealish… I have memories of him frustrating me just a few GWs ago when he was last in my squad, it’s more a fixture pick than form and I’m uneasy with it. Gündogan, is a safe pick, a bit against my persona, as I’d prefer the more reckless pick of Foden, so this also uneases me. I’d like to just have one hit flurry come off perfectly, the anticpation is exciteful! The “Holy Trinity” is finally broken and disbanded and the form points to lesser owned assets that I’ve already targetted for my squad in the coming GWs. Vardy dissappointed in this DGW, but I’m gonna keep faith with him. I’m really loving how reckless ditching both Salah & KDB in the same GW feels! I’m energised!

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My first match of Group I is decided, I’m ahead by 12pts, Ben is all out, and I still have Emi & El-Ghazi (if the latter gets any minutes) to play. On to the next…

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Roll on GW20, I wanna see my newly reshaped team in action! LET’S GOOOO!!!!!!

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