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Double-Double, Triple Doubles?!! Injury selection troubles! 🚑🏥 I’ll need the gift of a Seer 🧙🏿‍♂️ to cement my eleven for DGW24, as the FPL Gods are drunk, striking thunderbolts of yellow ⚡⚡ all over the shop! 🤕👨🏽‍⚕️ I have no FTs – early Barnes 🔄 Salah move – and I’m pretty sure I’ll not get a fix – 💉 #takethehit – to get me through it! I’m rehabilitated. 😇

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I must confess, I went off on tilt as the beacons were lit in my team. Half of my double-gameweek assets! In one fell swoop my starting frontline put on notice! The automated, second-nature, default, habitual neuro-pathways did their thing and off I was on a myriad of potentials and hypotheticals, on the merry-go-round of lining up possible hits & options… teetering as none of the combinations give me peace… incomplete data… Hold on, that’s it! Incomplete data! Step out of the River Chaos, sit on the bank, resume the role of Voyeur. Wait for the path to be illuminated. Check yo’self! Patience my friend. “…transfers for nothing, and your points for free!” I’ll let the herd offer me points while they’re hitting 💉💉 it up! “…I want my, I want my, I want my free points please…”

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I unlocked a new level in GW23, achieving my 1st ever 6th consecutive green arrow! 🌟😊. This streak has coincided with the plan of attack 😈 commenced in BGW18 and bolstered by the impromptu WC in GW20. The FPL Gods, obviously challenged by my recent fortitude, have seen fit to throw down a gauntlet! So this weekend in the Colosseum 🏛 I will battle ⚔ to defy their tyranny and reach the 7th Heaven! This 38 gameweek battle is but a series of little victories.

To be fair, once I realised my demons and blocked the path of least resistance… I looked at my team from a more blasé perspective… both Antonio & Pope will be fine, with Digne, not so far behind. Worst case scenario, I reckon, is that DCL misses the plum FUL fixture. Meh. So, I’m watching and waiting for a sign. I feel there are going to be form changes in these immediate gameweeks. A fine balance between popular picks and under the radar assets are what I need for the next few, stepping away slightly from the very differential overall team rating I’ve possessed of late. There is no set plan of when I’ll play my two remaining chips, BB & TC, but when the heavens align, I’ll know. Patience. Stalking and pouncing at the opportune moments 😈, my strategy, during this next mad rush of fixtures.

I simply need to be ready. 😈

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