fortune (noun) 1.chance or luck as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs.

This thing about making your own luck. It implies preparation. Forethought. Aside from this, I had to remember the underlying reasons as to why employed strategies were defined. It’s funny how you can devise a plan and then somehow lose sight of it. One of the strategic layers added to The Plan was to have a strong bench. The baseline security being the ability to ride injuries, rests, CV19 positive tests, etc.., and still field a strong 11. I figured the humour 😂 of benched assets outscoring on-field assets would be an acceptable down-side to maintaining those above average gameweek scores, thus limiting the need to use FTs reactively, as using them proactively is always best! So, I gathered my thoughts and banished all concepts of hits. 💉 I arranged the squad into what I deduced to be the optimised formation, sticking to the strategy, having faith that the hours of thought accrued in its development would reap rewards. For context, before the raft of flags due to last week’s FA Cup matches, my team looked like this…

Gündogan was always going to get the armband – this is a newly applied strategic layer incorporated for the first time this gameweek! – with AVL assets all benched. Considering BHAs form, I didn’t expect much from them, nor Maddo v Liverpool. I tend to always set my team up the day before deadline, but with the state of things, I needed to wait for more data to become available and leave the finalised team sheet as late as possible. Carlo confirming DCL out of the FUL fixture, combined with all other flags being of little to no consequence, the final evolution of the teamsheet was…

Now beyond this… everything is in the fate of the FPL Gods! All anyone can do, is make their best guesses and then hope for the best! If your guesses are more weighted by sound analytical data than raw data, then your chances of good result sets will be greater. You also, increase your chances of “lucking out”!

Barnes 🔄 Salah. A transfer made in a gameweek where “The 🇪🇬👑” dropped in price?!🤯 It feels good to be going against the trend. This was a strategic purchase. I noticed in the last GW how any return from Salah drastically affected the gains made to my rank as the fluctuating points are tallied whilst the games are live. If I want to maintain momentum, Salah is a requirement (this may only apply to my current tier, so I’ll keep tabs on this). He also broadens my captaincy options. Surely, he’s had his barren run for the season now, right?! 🤔😁 There may yet be one or two more strategic purchases on the horizon… 👀

😂 Thanks Bhuna, you fucker!! 😂

So, Luck. Captaincy. “…the resolute practice of always capping a premium…” XXX. Unorthodox. I gleaned this from the current World No.1, a strategy I’d adapt for the rest of the season, in an experiment to see if my captaincy returns improve against the 1st half of my season where they were nothing short of abysmal! Naturally, I always add my own twist to anything that I adopt. As far as I’m concerned, if an asset returns FPL points like a “Premium”, then that asset is a premium, irrespective of their actual price. Thus, it simply now boils down to picking the best premium option in the squad. Gündogan – on form, City are the best team this season, plus, they have a DGW. It’s literally an ABC pick, no need to get smart about it, cap him and move on.😈

This game will draw you into long in-depth machinations, so when the Gift Horse 🐎 is blatantly neighing at you, don’t look it in the mouth! #taketheeasywins

This, my own personal brand of analysis, 😂 bought me into the luck of a Gündogan haul!! Thank You Universe!!! Prior to this “always cap a premium” strategy, I could have punted on Cancelo or Pope. I honestly toyed with TC Pope, no lie!! This was before the Ola Hovde deep dive however. 😁

#DGW24: Matchday 1 – I have never amassed such a score after just 4 matches!! 😳 10 yet to play!!

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The second-leg matches kick-off, with me currently occupying the 2nd of the two qualifying places in the table, hosting Ben Dinnery. The Gods smiled on me, having thoroughly won the cheers of the Colesseum crowd!🏛🥁🎺 The dust settles… I’m in top spot, recording home & away wins against the vanquished! ⚔💪🏿 I even have breathing room to make tactical manoeuvres!😈 I sit 3pts clear of the rest! 🔝

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Typically, #DGW24: Matchday 2 – was a bit of a comedown from the euphoria of the previous day, even if I only had 2 assets to play. Bruno did Bruno things with 9pts! Digne?!! 1pt!!! Well, I fucked him off quicker than a door to door chamois salesman! 😈 You’ll have to wait for the next release to find out who for, I did refer to “under the radar” assets. 😉 Also, I’ve begun to notice that ROI 📈 is a very weighty factor in my deliberation process, 🤓 I must expand on this in a future entry and how I believe it affects the squad as a whole. Bruno returning (again) is also noted, in fact, all 3 “premiums” in my squad have returned this GW. The obvious added security of capping a Premium is, they can pull moments of quality out of their locker, even if they or their team are having an under par performance. 👌🏿 Quality… I knew this subconsciously, but completely failed to appreciate the weight it should hold in my probability management. 😏 Lesson learnt.

#DGW24: Matchday 3 ❤ “You know I said it’s true…”🔊 😂😈 IN THE MUD ANTONIO OWNERS!!!😈😂 🙌🏿“I can feel the love, ❤ can you feel it too?…”🔊 Which doesn’t really matter when MaddoLad comes off the bench with 8pts!!! Also, Cresswell baggged all 3 bonus to deliver 12pts!!! 🔊“…I can feel it, ooo-ooah!!”🙌🏿❤🔊😁 Was it jammy?!🤔 💌 Was it a Valentine’s Gift?!🥰 Or the sign of a strong squad?🏋🏿‍♂️

It’s been 5 gameweeks since the WC, which I must say, has served me very well. That said, on my GW20 WC, I invested in Everton assets. Outside of DCL, my punts on Richarlison & Digne have been the very worst decisions of the whole 15 man squad! Do what you will with this info! The latest strategic development – and pretty much a pattern that I’ve noticed – every 4 – 6 gameweeks, repositioning 👀 is required – however this transition needs to be more seamless. 🚫💉🙇🏿‍♂️💡 I’ll utilise the terrain this coming gameweek, to camouflage behind the limited DGW fixtures and potentially the captaincy to further reduce my exposure. 😈 #opportunemoments 😈

#DGW24: Matchday 4 – The final day of this gameweek. A new PB #nochipsnohits😊 GW score! Plus the record for consecutive green arrows continues! An unbelievable 111pts collated by my lads this gameweek, despite Stones & Gündogan no-shows, and no CS for either of Cancelo or Pope in the second games of their DGW fixtures! But, Digne, yes, Digne popped up with a #gtfo leaving present of an assist!😂


💯😁 #BabygotBack #BigAtTheBack #100Club 😁💯

They all get a day or so off! 🍾 1st 💯 Club this season! 🍾 Go on lads, enjoy yourselves!! 🍻😁

The real fun in this game are the challenges you set for yourself!

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