Impromptu. I never planned to pen an entry this week. I had a break. Not saying I didn’t think about FPL at all, considering I’m now on a -8! There may be trouble ahead… 😈

Black Jaguar resting

I’ve been a bit bored really. I just want GW30 to start so I can gauge the initiation of my Endgame. In my head, I’ll be ending this season, the way I plan to start the next… Fixturecentric, albeit closing out with far more aggression as I look to corner the remaining points on the board. Cheque, mate! 😆 I’m also planning out my transfers until the end of the season, much like I’ll plan out my first 10 gameweeks as a single block at the start of the next (using smaller blocks as the middle game begins), except for December, as this season I treated the whole month and New Year fixtures as a single block. December & the Festive fixtures was a decent spell for me.

So, I’m here again, going into a gameweek on a -8. Aina Dunk Bale 🔄 Azpilicueta RĂ¼diger Jota. Will 3rd time be a charm? My previous two -8s ended with a red arrow. It’s the second attempt this season at targeting assets in games where I think they’ll get decent returns, combined with them also being long-term assets. Pretty much every transfer from now on is a season-keeper, not enough games left now to get an asset in, only to get them out again, not the way I’m approaching the end of the season anyway.

This change has been building over the last few gameweeks. I’ve been reset by the cumulative experiences & results of the season to date. The international break was the final step in this metamorphosis. The cognitive process is new. There’s no deliberation. The action either feels good and is executed. Or, it feels bad, is dismissed, then on to the next. Liberated. I actually feel free! 😃🤘🏿

The anticipated results of my cognitive processing exhilarate me more than the potential accumulation of FPL points!

Let’s GO with the remaining gameweeks already!!! 😁

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