You! What do you own, the world?! How do you own disorder??!

System of a Down – “Toxicity” 🎸🎸🥁🎙

The hilarity of it all was genius! To see all of your preparation, deliberation and contemplation become ultimately inconsequential when faced-off against the stealth of the “random factor” was a joy to behold! 🤣 It was like The Universe said to herself, “Let me fuck with these lot, just for shits & giggles, as to remind them of their place!”. 😂😈

You see, order is something that we crave, but is it the true nature of things? Is Luke Shaw singlehandedly ripping City apart, order?! Obviously, patterns and sequences exist, but, where there is Yin, there must also be Yang! Bruno, benched by many, sold by more, wipes out the double-City defence which has become synonymous with DGWs! This after a DGW where he blanked! “This game’s got Nil-Nil written all over it!“. Shit, my Super Cup opponent triple-capped Ederson! 🤣 POW!! Chaos injection!💉 😂😈 #YLTSI 😈🤣

So how does one cope when the monotony of the beloved order that we claim to be the way of things, reminds us that this assumed control is just a mirage? Well, here’s the kicker, what if I told you that there’s nothing to cope with. What if you were liberated enough to simply Let Go! I had Stones, Cancelo & Gündogan©️… I also had Bruno. Now obviously, a clean sheet and captain return, with a Bruno blank would be way more profitable to me. That did not happen. When the penalty went in, I couldn’t contain myself for laughter! The timing of this anomaly was delightfully exquisite! Ha! You were aiming for a record win! It feels almost inevitable that it wouldn’t happen! A reminder that we are all mere mortals and The Gods of Chaos can throw a spanner in the works whenever they goddamn please! 😂

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This is why I wonder why I don’t at least occasionally – as I too am conditioned to seek order – be more at one with The Universe. You see, I’m starting to think, “What if random is not random at all!!? What if the occasional WTAF!! Is actually THE Way of Things!!“. Doesn’t that just fill you with xJoy to the power of exponential!! No?! Just me filled with the crazy then?! 🤪😂 I’m guessing to some, if not many, playing all 4 of these assets in the same match, the same gameweek, is mental right? But, I was always of the mindset that I simply just can’t sell or bench Bruno! I mean the data says you just can’t! #Faith

I also have faith in the City defence (although my faith in Gündo was on the wane, I seriously considered moving him on! Yes, I am filled with the Crazy!! 😂). So what do I do when my beliefs collide? Just keep on believing I guess. One of them will win out, and I’ll take whatever points that means. Conviction.

I sold Salah – for a hit – ahead of Bruno, in preparation for DGW27. The majority of my peers baulked at this decision. Maybe because I’m a Liverpool fan? I dunno. 🤷🏿‍♂️

This prison of the mind we struggle to escape from. “I can’t sell him, it just doesn’t feel right!“, “I reckon they’ll be a reaction and he’ll definitely score next game!” , whom exactly is your Jailor?

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

Rt Hon Robert Nesta Marley

Embrace some randominity. Experience the Order of Chaos. Know that control is a fleeting comfort, which shouldn’t be your aspiration anyway! Liberation. Fluidity. Inclination. Control without Controlling. Too much!? 😆

Not going with or acting on thoughts, holding fast to self-implemented rigid rules, has seen me miss out on points in the last 3 GWs. I’m in the middle of a style conflict. On the one hand, experience has taught me that I’m not the best at taking multiple hits 💉💉💉 in a single gameweek, so I’ve restrained my actions whilst still indulging my thoughts. The fluid/creative mindset inspired by simple feeling, or most likely my subconscious which is obviously crammed with FPL data and is producing output I’m not in tune with, subroutines if you will – those early morning flashes of inspiration, when for me, the mind has the most clarity – would’ve seen me owning Bale & Tielemans these past 2 or 3 gameweeks. On the other hand, orderly/logical mindsetThe Overthinker – at the time said “No hits!!”, but eventually hit in Son, and then finally relented on Lingardinho (both in time for DGW27), the latter an asset creative mindset wanted in as Maddo’s injury replacement (logical mindset got Barnes in… we all know what happened next!). I wouldn’t mind if the thoughts were hindsight, but they weren’t. Were they foresight? I’m not saying I’m clairvoyant, but, they would’ve worked out! Inspired choices which don’t come out of nowhere! 🤔 Hmm… where do they come from? Maybe I’m getting in touch with my Maverick. The Unorthodox.

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To my opponent Jim Parry… UNLUCKEEEYYYY!!! 😁 There’s an unbelievable story behind the result that my lads pulled out the bag here that is just so FPL 2020/2021! In a nutshell, did anyone believe that City would not keep even a single CS over 2 home matches in a DGW?! Especially when one of those matches included the visit of Southampton?!! Well, luckily for me, they didn’t! TC Ederson would’ve surely seen me lose this round if they had! Even so, advancing to the knock-out stages is still not assured! Matchday 10 will be a tense affair! 😁

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The Yin and Yang of COVID-19 -

These past few gameweeks, an inner voice has been repeating the word “feeling”. Play with more feeling. Reign back what my logical mind deems as the data supported choice and give my creative mind more freedom to also influence direction. They are equal parts of me.

#BeLikeWater this would deem that my style, is not a style at all!? Now that’s a whole other blog!! 😳

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