What do you see here? Focus on the red arrows specifically, there’s a pattern!

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I had a disastrous start to the season. I fell into all kinds of traps. I was also influenced by others. Seeing what they did, how it worked out for them. I tried to replicate, or imitate their style (GW5💉💉💉) – Jasonhow does he do it?! 👿 I quickly realised this flattery was not for me, I had to discover and nuture my own style of play. I’ve taken hits (GW6💉💉, GW15💉💉 & GW25*💉💉) due to impatience combined with my penchant for shiny things, I want a specific 11 and I want them now! I’ve taken hits (GW9💉💉💉 & GW17💉💉💉) to strategically reposition for the medium to long-term term of upcoming fixtures. It’s arguable that these two particular hits paid off long-term as they’re followed by a sequence of green arrows, mind you, I did WC in GW20.

Golden Brown, texture like sun…

The Stranglers

Not playing my own game ended in disaster, testament to the hits of GWs 5 & 6 with their consecutive red arrows (💉💉💉this is when I realised my addiction! 💉💉), the former made in an attempt to be someone I’m not, the latter, a flaw which I’ve slowly got a handle on. #ShinyThings Moral of the story, #playyourowngame & know your weaknesses!!

*I do still believe in targetted hits, although the one time I tried (GW25) to steal a calculated march on the field; CHO & Antonio 🔄 Raphina & Kane – I know right!! Decent upgrades! ☺ – they BOTH blanked!! 😭 I feel this one was simply unlucky.

Looking at the pattern, bar the red arrow in GW4, all the remaining red arrows coincided with me taking a hit in excess of a -4. Now, I’m not saying hits are bad, but at present I can only deduce that I’m not good at making them work out for me! 😂 It is absolutely possible to take multiple hits in a single gameweek and come out ahead. Maybe The Universe is trying to tell me that this style of play is just not for me! 😆 On the plus side, this recognition keeps my more wayward tendencies in check! #balance

“The Shed of Tears”

I love the drama of this game! The continual lessons we refuse to learn… that nothing is certain in this game. Apologies @Karma Baby, you know what happens to me if I eat a big meal #takeawayFriday in the evening after work when on the single malt in Discord! 😴🤣 I did however, wake up just before the Watkins goal! The immediate updates of a Targett assist with Emi’s CS, I was on BIG points, as my Villa triple was about to return nuff! #ChaosInjection!! The Gods are cruel! 😈 I went from +20pts from 3 (even with my -4 💉) to 12 (-4). The desolation in Karma’s voice compared to the exhilaration just moments earlier… Thanks for hosting that watch-along! 👌🏿 I quietly left the party, laughed at the change to what Livefpl.net was telling me, rolled over, and went back to sleep. 😁

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It’s MatchDay10! The final round of the group stage of The Elite Super Cup!!! The table and games as follows!

We go into this, all four of us, uncertain of going through to the knockout stages, or being ejected from the competition. As I always knew I would, my focus never changed from trying to simply achieve as high an OR as possible. To do this, I have to get as many individual gameweek pts as possible. If I manage to do so, I should also beat my opponents in the cup. Simplez! 😹

On Sunday morning, I had 40pts (despite my -4), with Bale , Kane, Son, Bruno & Creswell to play. You would have thought this was enough to see me through, as I was already by then, top of the group on 21pts! My opponent, Jack O had 3 of his midfield, either injured or benched, his 3 subs came in from the bench for a combined 8pts and he was still 3pts behind me. However, he captained Vardy and all of my big hitters blanked. 2pt Captain Bale. This game! Nothing is sacred! 😁 I had fun in this competition, I’ll be back for next season’s edition!

Congratulations to Brendan Saunders & Jack O for topping the group!

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There’s some fine tuning that I need to make a habit of cognition. I’m finding that I now get a lot out of reviewing my decision to field each of the 11 I did and going through that mental process to see if the return each asset accumulated matched my decision to start them. Having 15 starters in my squad means that there will always be the likelihood of bench points, but I sometimes, after the fact, realise an option which would’ve been glaringly obvious had I thought just a little more about it. It’s fine lines this game, the equilibrium between over & under-thinking is precarious, but, it is the difference between a red or green arrow! Not just that, these fine margins are also the difference between larger green arrows and the steady creep of small green arrows this past 3 gameweeks. I’m still aiming to beat my PB OR of 165K.

So, it’s officially Endgame time. 10 gameweeks to go! I have ideas – they may even be plans – of a closing strategy. I’m gonna be a little creative and play a little more open. Let’s see where a dash of The Unorthodox will take me. With this Son injury and BGW29 on the horizon, I believe my 1st closing move will be that of reconnaissance and repositioning. Sieze those opportune moments!

Let’s GO!!

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