By now, we all have very good knowledge of the where points are most likely to found. We’ve had 28 gameweeks of observational knowledge which we can combine with our current assets, alongside any remaining chips, in order to strategise our closing moves of the season. It’s now time to utilise that knowledge to it’s fullest extent. I believe that this may well be the time where this knowledge can allow you to corner the available points and obtain the massive gains!

There will be trends that occured during your individual season where you’ll know when a certain strategy worked or did not. You should have by now realised your strengths and your weaknesses! You can look back at 28 weeks of data, and with some certainty, decipher the better investments. The exisiting trends are unlikely to change drastically as the remaining weeks of this season dwindle. We can already see which teams have something to play for and those who do not. Outside of the randominity, which will always produce outliers, there’s not really much out there now to surprise us. If you apply this knowledge thoughtfully, you should be well placed to clear the board!

Many blogs ago, II. The Voices: Flashback 2019/20 I realised that I’d have to find my way in this game and it has been a journey! I only now feel like I’m ready, like I’m on the verge of becoming intune with my very own style of management. How I play the game! I’ve dropped adopted conditioning. All information is reprocessed through a prism of my own making. I’ve curbed my less fruitful tendencies. I’ve been to over-thinking and back again, and now, I’m about simplification, much like you do in mathematics. I’ve seen a few tweets during this FPL season “complaining” that this is the year of the “casual”, and I wondered why? Casuals are not as conditioned to group-think nor over-thinking, they’ll do the things that more involved managers will laugh at, then at the end of the gameweek, the casual will be like, “I got 85pts!“. Simplification. As a more involved manager, this simplification, aligned with the flood of information I absorb on a weekly basis, dipped in a touch of the unorthodox will be the underlying essense of my endgame strategy. No more rigidity! #belikewater We all have access to the data, we all watch the games or at least the highlights. After all of this it’s then how you process what you’ve absorbed, the output that creates and then how that cognition is applied. Style. #playyourowngame

Having played my FH in BGW18 & my WC in GW20, this is a squad which has evolved over time with one eye focused on the gameweek at hand and BGW33! I used my FT for Cancelo 🔄 Aina, FUL defence has been pretty decent of late and I could keep Aina for 2 to 3 gameweeks (although this is unlikely). Aina is mainly a one-week punt, possibly the first one-weeker I’ve made all season, it’s not something I’m keen on doing, as I never know when a fire could start in my side.

Son, with his potential hamstring injury is out (a move I made before any real confirmation of how severe the injury or how long he may be out for). For me, an asset with this type of injury who relies on his explosive pace, has no place in my squad. Furthermore, in my mind, with his high ownership, getting rid of him immediately allows me to steal a march on the field as many may hold out. Son 🔄 Ƙdegaard (-4💉), a player who is relatively fresh when most assets have had a long hard season (which is catching up with them) in a team which is slowly finding form and has good fixtures through the end of the season. With him having just scored and returning 10pts in his first full PL 90mins, his confidence should be on the up! I could be getting in on him as near to the start of a decent run of returns?! He seems nailed in his No. 10 role for the Gunners… let’s see how this develops! At his price, it’s a punt I’m comfortable with. Opportune moment?

Dunk Captain! My #busteam was Lingard captain, but I feel that potentially, Dunk has the higher ceiling. Another punt I’m comfortable with, as I own Kane anyway, so will get half the points his captainers will. Opportune moment?

I feel good! 🙂

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